Law of the Devil Chapter 369 Part 2

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Of course, the so-called rebellion was their own brothers.

Only a few weak tribes accepted the call of the prairie king(s). These small tribes had to accept it because the Princes’ army was still stronger than their own tribes.

The vast majority of the tribes remained surprisingly silent! When some powerful tribes heard about the division of the royal family, they even unceremoniously sent people to use the whip to drive out the messenger who sent the letter. At the same time, they said, “The position of the prairie king is recommended by everyone. Now that the king is dead then the new king should be elected by everyone. You little boy want to give me orders?”

There were even some big tribes which immediately assembled the cavalry. They were not going to help a prince but they were going to “take a share of cake”!

As the younger brother of the prairie king, Hamuye was once in Wang Ting. He was also a think tank trusted by the prairie king and he was most familiar with the culture of the Roland people. He was a “civilized man”.

Of course, the “peace talk” with Du Wei also improved his status in the prairie court.

After the start of the civil war in Wang Ting, this clever guy refused help his nephews and then took all his people with him overnight. He even abandoned a lot of cattle. He with his tribe left Wang Ting at the fastest speed!

The wise Hamuye knew that there would soon be a bloodbath there. If he stayed there, he would be involved in this slaughter and then he would perish!

His choice was wise, because within a short period of four days after the start of the civil war in Wang Ting, several small clans in Wang Ting had become cannon fodder during the war. Along with their master, they were killed.

On the fifth day of migration, tens of thousands of people were exhausted because of the migration process. Finally, Hamuye saw Saladin.

To be precise, Saladin was carrying a full 10,000 elite warriors. Each cavalry was wearing a high-quality armor owned by Roland warriors and a scimitar in their hand. They are all made with the finest iron of the Roland people! This 10,000 cavalry, like a ghost, suddenly appeared in front of the migrating tribe. They were full of murderous intentions!

Then the messenger sent by Saladin brought only a sentence to Hamuye.

“Uncle, either obey me or die.”

Hamuye looked at the people behind him. His tribe was not strong. The population was only 30,000, and the army was less than 10,000. Coupled with the day-to-day migration, people were sleepy and the other party was clearly prepared. If they fought, Hamuye believed that they would be defeated without doubt!

More importantly, Hamuye knew very well that he was not a brave man. Unlike most prairie people, he preferred to use his brain instead of using a scimitar to solve problems. Even when the prairie king was alive, most of the time he acted as the think tank for his brother.

Although his brother trusted him, those military generals did not like him much. Because of his bad reputation for cowardice, his subordinates also lacked brave generals.

And so, Hamuye reached to the decision only after considering it for a short time.

“Everyone put down your weapons!”

When Hamuye saw Saladin again, he immediately saw a completely different temperament from the face of this guy!

Decisive, cunning, cruel…

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