Law of the Devil Chapter 369 Part 1

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It could be said that from any perspective, the situation on the grassland during this period was undoubtedly “ridiculous”.

The sudden death of the prairie king after killing his two beloved sons, made Wang Ting, which was originally united, fall apart.

Within a short period of ten days, what made people cry and laugh was that five “Prairie Kings” actually appeared on the grassland. Obviously, this is far from the final figure.

Because he died too suddenly, the last king of the steppe did not designate his heir. And the remaining sons he left immediately tore up all the hypocrisy for the throne of the king and directly started massacre.

During the four days of the death of the prairie king, tens of thousands of warriors launched several large-scale battles. Those warriors killed their formal comrades. Horseshoe trampled on their carcass.

The killing lasted for four days. At last, some weak sons of prairie king were uprooted and their tribes were annexed. The remaining four powerful princes were exhausted. Finally, they stopped fighting.

The pastures around Wang Ting were covered in blood. Countless dead bodies, burning tents, flags, and thick black smoke could be seen everywhere. The once lively Wang Ting had become a dead place.

The four-day killing made the most powerful tribe in the prairie suffer huge losses. In the end, the four princes finally got a tacit understanding and gave up on killing each other. When the first of them started to retreat, the remaining three made the same choice at the same time.

Four beasts were exhausted. Realizing that they could not kill all opponents, they finally gave up and retreated.

The once lively Wang Ting quickly became a place of death. After the war, no one had time to clean up the battlefield. The pasture here had been burnt into a scorched earth and the corpses were everywhere.

Once the most powerful tribe on the prairie was badly hurt. There was no doubt that gave other ambitionists on the prairie a chance!

The customs on the prairie were different from those of the Roland people. The barbaric prairie people had no “hereditary” rules, they believed in the strength. The throne of “Prairie King” was not passed from father to his son but to the chief of the tribe which had the strongest strength.

The original tribe of the Prairie king was the most powerful tribe on the prairie, with hundreds of thousands of people. It had occupied the position of Wang Ting and Prairie King for many years. However, after the killing, there were heavy casualties within the tribe. More than 40,000 soldiers defending the land died in these four days of fighting. In addition, while fighting for the population of the tribe, nobody knew how many ordinary people and herdsmen died in the slaughter of rival.

Finally, the tribe, which had already been devastated, had been divided into four under the rebellion of the four princes!

When the four princes chose to leave with their subordinates, the decline of the strongest tribe on the prairie was basically announced!

Soon, within ten days, all other chiefs on the grassland received four orders on blood-stained sheepskin. This was the symbol of king on prairie.

Of course, the “kings” who sent them were four princes, who all stood on their own as the new prairie kings, demanding that all tribes obey their orders and summons. They ordered to assemble their armies to battle against “rebellion.”

Of course, the so-called rebellion was their own brothers.

Only a few weak tribes accepted the call of the prairie king(s). These small tribes had to accept it because the Princes’ army was still stronger than their own tribes.

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