Law of the Devil Chapter 368 Part 2

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“Vivian, little silly girl.” Du Wei’s voice was tired: “I … I did one thing, a very bad thing. It can even be said… despicable and shameless. But there is no other way, I have no choice. Because this method is most effective and with least casualties but…”

He sighed heavily and then leaned his head against Vivian’s arms. He looked at the sky: “But, I still feel guilty in my heart. It’s painful!”

Vivian didn’t know what happened, but she didn’t ask and let Du Wei lean in her arms. Then she stroked Du Wei’s hair gently like a kind mother. After a while, she said in a stuttering but gentle voice: “Du Wei … Du Wei … You worked very hard. Do… you regret it…”

“Do I regret it? Yes… But if I do it again, I still have no choice. One person is dead but ten million people live …” Du Wei seemed weak: “Pure conscience … I am not qualified to talk about these things. Vivian… I am the leader of everyone, do you know what a leader is? The lives and deaths of millions of people rest on my shoulders. Sometimes, it forces you to do things you don’t want to do… Knowing that this is sick role, but for everyone, you must continue to play this f#cking role. This is… the fucking leader. ”

Vivian did not speak; she just stroked Du Wei’s hair gently, very gently…

No one knew that the situation in the northwest of Roland was completely changed because of a beautiful girl named Han Yue. She was like a beautiful and fragile butterfly, but her death had affected the prairie, the northwest and even the future imperial national movement.

At this time, few people think of this. Few people know this.

In the governor’s office of Loulan City, the capital of the north western province of Desa, Du Wei had fallen asleep because of a hard work. In the dream, he murmured in his mouth…

“Pearl… likes a spilled pearl…”

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