Law of the Devil Chapter 368 Part 1

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Du Wei now faced the girl. His voice was very low, even with a hint of chill: “First, I remember I said, without my orders, no one is allowed to enter my study room. So, I can immediately drag you out. Second…”

The veins on Du Wei’s head bulged out and he seemed to be suppressing his anger, “Poor little Nizi, you forgot your identity, who are you to question me?”

“You!” Ai Lu seemed to be desperate.

Since staying with Du Wei, she has been arranged by Du Wei to live with girls such as Han Yue. She even danced with them every day. Ai Lu was not a fool. Although she was not much clever, she was not an idiot. She had long guessed in her mind that this demon-like young duke was raising these girls to use in the future…

There was no doubt that Han Yue was best in these girls. Han Yue’s beauty, her tenderness and her carefulness, all made Ai Lu extremely kind to her. In these days, Han Yue suddenly disappeared. There was a vague guess in Ai Lu’s heart. She couldn’t bear it today and rushed to Du Wei for questioning.

Du Wei pointed at the door and faintly said: “Since this is the first time you have disobeyed my order, I can forgive you once. Now… get out and then you remember, this place is not where you can come in.”

Having said that, Du Wei has continued to look at the table and stopped paying attention to the girl.

Ai Li seemed to want to say something. But she felt the chill radiating from Du Wei’s body. She couldn’t help it and still left a sentence: “If … if you treat her, I … I …”

In the end, she stomped her feet hard and left.

After she went out, Du Wei looked up and then he sighed: “It seems that I’m really a shameless man.”

After saying so, Du Wei strode out of the study room. Everyone passing by saw the duke’s face and realized that the duke’s mood was extreme bad. No one dared to go up and talk to him. They just saluted him from afar.

Du Wei rushed into the garden behind the castle like an injured lion.

Here, Vivian was standing in the garden, holding a branch in her hand. She was surrounded by a dozen Hogwarts practitioners. Vivian was using the branch to draw some magic lines on the ground to demonstrate magic array principles.

In fact, after Du Wei became more and more busy, the task of teaching these students was all undertaken by Vivian.

After watching the Dean suddenly come in, the students immediately stood up and saluted Du Wei.

A few guys with good eyesight immediately understood that the dean was in a very bad mood. Soon, they exchanged glances with each other and then made excuses and backed out.

Du Wei didn’t say anything. When everyone left, he suddenly sat on the ground like a deflated balloon.

Vivian looked at her fiancé tenderly and then she walked carefully to Du Wei’s side. Du Wei pulled Vivian into his arms. Then he sniffed deeply the smell of Vivian.

“You … what’s wrong with you.” Vivian looked at Du Wei gently.

“Vivian, little silly girl.” Du Wei’s voice was tired: “I … I did one thing, a very bad thing. It can even be said… despicable and shameless. But there is no other way, I have no choice. Because this method is most effective and with least casualties but…”

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