Law of the Devil Chapter 367 Part 2

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Suddenly he ran back to his tent. The prairie king saw Han Yue sitting there. Her clothes were torn and her long legs were bare. Her breasts were exposed, showing beautiful curves.

“You! You… all of you!”

The prairie king roared and violently rushed up. At the same time, he tore off the Han Yue’s remaining clothes and desperately separated her legs.

There was no sorrow in Han Yue’s eyes. She even felt indifferently toward prairie king entering her body in anger and then almost immediately…

The prairie king felt that the valve of his desire was suddenly and completely opened. He felt the strength and vitality of his whole body quickly leaking out. Finally he felt a trace of despair!

He yelled and his body trembled fiercely. Finally, his body fell down on Han Yue’s soft body. Blood oozed from his mouth, nose and eyes!

Han Yue silently pushed away the dead and then sat up. She pulled her clothes.

She heard the exclamation and hurried footsteps outside the tent. She didn’t panic but walked to a mirror in the tent. She stood in front of the mirror and gently folded her hair.

In the mirror, she was still as beautiful as ever and her eyes were still as calm as moonlight.

“I … my name is Han Yue.” She looked at herself in the mirror: “Master Duke, he said… he said I am beautiful.”

In the end, she held the pearl on her neck with her fingers and severely broke the medicine hidden in her teeth…

Wang Ting was in a mess.

The king’s two favourite princes were killed by him and then people saw the dead king and the woman’s body in the tent.

In addition to surprise, there were also some clear-headed people who immediately thought of an urgent problem!

The forces on the prairie were about to re-rank!

Three princes, after getting the news, ran back to their tents immediately and then dispatched soldiers and those generals also quickly departed back.

Ironically, no one paid attention to the two bodies in the tent.

And in this busy period, no one noticed that Saladin, the youngest son of the king, quietly took all his men and his subordinates and left Wang Ting early this morning.

“Kill each other! After you enough killing, you will be exhausted and then I will come back again to take your lifes!”

When Alpha’s secret letter was received again, Du Wei opened the letter.

This time, there wasn’t a lot of content in the letter, just a short sentence.


Alpha’s letter did not say “plan succeeded” or “all went well.”

Instead, the word “done” seemed to be somewhat ambiguous.

Alpha … he’s not happy with me too.

Du Wei was silent for a while, then slowly picked up the letter and burned it off with the candle on the table.

He was sitting on the desk in the study, looking out the window. He was looking northwest. The distant sky was gray.

The girl named Han Yue was dead now.

Yes … she is just a pawn. I originally took her in and trained her for such a day. But why do I still feel that this is despicable and shameless in my heart?

At this moment, suddenly, with a slam, the door of the study was opened and a figure in red clothes rushed in. With anger and disbelief on her face, she shouted to Du Wei, “I ask you, where is Han Yue?!”

Du Wei narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at the woman who broke in. She was the female prisoner he captured.

“Get out!”

This was Du Wei’s answer to her.

Ai Lu opened her mouth and her beautiful face was a bit distorted: “I ask you again! Han Yue! Where is Han Yue? Where did she go? Where did you send her?”

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