Law of the Devil Chapter 367 Part 1

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When Prairie King was returning back to his room, he saw a few maids outside the room from a distance. They were looking at him with some fear and surprise. Suddenly, he vaguely guessed something in his heart.

Sure enough, when he reached his room, he heard the voice of a man and the woman’s resistance whispering.

Han Yue’s heart was cold but her face was still panicking. She sat in the room dressed and waited quietly.

Sure enough, a young man came in the morning. Han Yue knew that this was a certain son of the prairie king … As for which one, Han Yue did not care.

Was there any difference? These guys looked at her with greedy eyes and then fantasize about tearing up her clothes and then pressing her under their bodies.

The man was a little scared when he came in, but when he saw her for the first moment, Han Yue saw naked desire in his eyes. Then she immediately pouted a few times which further stimulated the other party.

When this man approached her, she pulled her hand as if trying to distance herself from him. Han Yue struggled a few times. During the struggle, she cleverly tore her clothes torn, exposing her delicate human legs.

She saw the man swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva desperately…

Just then the curtain of the tent opened. The prairie king growled. He rushed in with a scimitar. The young man shuddered in shock and then he jumped up like a rabbit, dodging the machete’s chop.

But at this time Han Yue cleverly tripped him with his own body.

“Ah …”

Hearing the scream, the warriors outside Wang Ting rushed toward the prairie king’s room. When they came close, they saw with their own eyes the six princes rushing out of the tent, looking very panicked. He was chopped and blood was flowing.

The prairie king then snarled and rushed out. He held his golden scimitar high and chased after him. Then under the eyes of everyone, he slashed on the back of his son!

The scimitar passed through his chest. The sixth princes didn’t even shout before falling down.

At this time, the warrior next to him rushed around. Some tried to calm down their king, while others hurriedly watched the life and death of the Sixth Princes.

“You guys! Are you anti-me too?”

The prairie king’s eyes were red and he quickly cut down a warrior who was trying to calm him. At this time, he heard an exclamation and another son of his rushed over. This was his eleventh son.

When he saw this guy, the prairie king had a vicious idea!

“You! What are you doing here! You are also having idea about that woman. You want to come and steal her!”

His eyes were red and suddenly he ran across like a furious male lion. Before the young son could say anything, he was chopped around the neck with a scimitar and fell down sideways.

His last sentence was: “Father… I, I just heard noises so I came over to see …”

“Go! Go! Get away from me!”

The prairie king threw away the scimitar vigorously. He stepped back for a few moments and looked at the warrior around him and the generals who came around: “Everyone, go away from me! Leave these corpses here! Don’t touch them! No one is allowed to touch them! ”

Suddenly he ran back to his tent. The prairie king saw Han Yue sitting there. Her clothes were torn and her long legs were bare. Her breasts were exposed, showing beautiful curves.

“You! You… all of you!”

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