Law of the Devil Chapter 366 Part 2

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At this moment, the prairie king looked at the girl standing in front of the quiet, suddenly had an impulse to fully possess her!

Yes, fully possess!! Only belong to me! No one is allowed to have her!


Then, the prairie king turned around with an angry expression and went out of the banquet, leaving behind the people.

He slammed open his room’s door and then he heard an exclamation inside. The beautiful girl turned and looked at him in horror.

Without nonsense, the Prairie King immediately quickly removed his armor. Then he pounced on the girl. Girl was pressed by the Prairie king under his body.

The prairie king felt the tender girl under his body tremble. This trembling inspired the impulse in his heart. He grabbed the hands with the Han Yue and tore open her clothes. When his rough fingers finally touched the delicate skin of the girl, Han Yue closed her eyes.

After the clothes were removed completely, the Prairie King gasped fiercely. When he grabbed the neck with the Han Yue, he seemed to have grasped something. Han Yue suddenly opened her eyes and struggled.

Her struggles were no longer symbolic. Instead, she tried her best to struggle. Finally, she finally got back round pearl from the hands of the Prairie King.

The Prairie King did not care why this girl valued a pearl so much. His interest was placed on her body…

Soon, the man’s heavy gasp came from the room accompanied by the girl’s pain shouts…

He himself did not know how many time he had fu#ked that girl.

On the third day, the warriors did not see their king coming out of the tent until the sun rose to the top of the head. The footsteps came from the tent and then the curtains were pulled. When everyone saw the king, everyone was shocked!

Prairie King’s face was covered with wrinkles and his original brown hair was faintly pale, with two white spots… Where was the glory of the Prairie king? He seemed to be a weak, aging old man!

He couldn’t even go to the horse and he was helped by several warriors. He barely sat on the horse, but his body was a little skewed.

On this day, when everyone aged prairie king in the court, they were surprised. When prairie king felt the strange gazes of everyone, he felt angry.

When he saw an empty position in the tent, he found outlet to vent his anger: “How come one person is missing!! Wang Ting’s court, some people dare not come!!”

Feeling the doubts flashing in the eyes of everyone below, the Prairie King felt that his dignity was deeply stabbed! He was very angry and felt fear in his heart. He felt like he was aging and becoming weak. However as a prairie king, he was afraid of being called weak! Because of that, he would lose his dignity!

Prairie King was angry! He was very angry!

He did not understand himself. Where did this anger come from? This anger wanted to devour his soul. A raging fire that couldn’t wait to find a place to vent!

Finally, less than half of the day’s deliberations, the angry prairie king ordered the execution of a courtier, just because this guy didn’t look at his eyes when talking to him!

“What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of me! Or you don’t respect me in your heart, so you dare not look into my eyes!” The prairie king shouted and then he jumped up in front of everyone and pulled out the knife stuck on the head of the poor guy. The warm blood was sprayed on his face. The prairie king was stimulated by the blood and felt good as he finally got a little relief after venting.

Then, he looked at those surprised eyes in the court and his heart was filled with endless irritability again!

These guys … you, you guys look at me like this! I’m not old yet! Not old!

He rushed out of his tent as if to escape and then ran out. He didn’t return directly to his room. Although he wanted to go back and see the woman who made him go crazy… At the end of the day, he was still a king and a kind of instinctual vigilance born in his heart. He also faintly felt something wrong and he needed to think it over carefully.

Finally, after staying outside Wang Ting for some time, the wind of the prairie seemed to have healed the anxiety in his heart. He decided to go back and see the woman… Is she…

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  1. When he grabbed Han Yue’s neck
    On this day, when everyone saw the aged prairie king
    THE Prairie King was angry
    instinctual vigilance WAS born in his heart

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