Law of the Devil Chapter 366 Part 1

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The great king of the tribes, the Prairie King saw Han Yue for the first time, he was completely stunned.

Although he was almost sixty years old, as a savannah man, he could still ride the strongest horse, drink the strongest wine and sleep with two or three women at night. At the same time, his arms were still strong and he was still spirited when he walked.

However, when he first saw this woman named Han Yue, the Prairie King suddenly felt his mouth dry and he even felt that his hand holding the wine glass was a little weak.

The only thought in my mind was to tear up the woman’s clothes and press her under him!

When Saladin saw Han Yue, his heart also trembled fiercely and he took a deep breath to calm down. At this moment, even he couldn’t help but his shake head:  For such a beautiful person to be sent here…

Saladin was a cunny person. He slowly put down his glass. Then he walked up and smiled at his father: “Greeting of the Prairie King, my father. This woman is bought by my subordinates from a Roland. You see, she is so beautiful. Moreover, she is not a humble woman. She is the daughter of a patriarch of a large tribe in Nanyang. Because her tribe was conquered by the Roland, she became a slave. Those damn Roland people actually planned to sell her 100,000 gold coins … Well, unfortunately, although I don’t have 100,000 gold coins, I have sharp Knife!”

The Prairie King only nodded subconsciously. In fact, at this moment, his entire mind was on the girl. What Saladin said, he didn’t hear a word.

But the last sentence, he still heard.

“… Such a beautiful woman can only be enjoyed by the noblest King on the prairie so I give her to you.”

The prairie king was very satisfied. He stared at the son carefully and then smiled.

“I’m satisfied. I reward you with five thousand cattle, five thousand sheep, and five thousand horses!”

Then he stopped paying attention to the son and stared at the girl almost greedily.

Suddenly a though rose in his heart. He wanted to… tear her cloths! Fu#k her! Make her scream and cry under him!

The prairie king did not know whether this though came because of wine or something else. He felt that his whole body began to heat up, especially something under his lower abdomen.

But then, he noticed that the eyes of the others tribe chiefs were almost the same as himself. They were staring greedily at the beauty in front of him. Even the sons and the generals he trusted looked as if they wanted to swallow this delicate beauty.

“Hmm!” The Prairie King suddenly felt very annoyed.

Even he himself did not know where this anger came from. In fact, for these nobles on the prairei, the so-called woman was nothing but playthings and property. The Prairie King used to exchange female pets with his subordinates and even his sons. He even rewarded his own women to his subordinates or his own son.

Such customs were undoubtedly “barbaric” and “not moral” in the eyes of the Roland people.

At this moment, the prairie king looked at the girl standing in front of the quiet, suddenly had an impulse to fully possess her!

Yes, fully possess!! Only belong to me! No one is allowed to have her!

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