Law of the Devil Chapter 365 Part 2

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Du Wei remained focused all the process which was not easy at all especially when you were close to a beautiful girl like Han Yue. Han Yue also cooperated well without moving during whole process. Although she felt embarrassed to let a man see her naked from so close, she still hold on.

Finally, after finishing his masterpiece, he threw the paintbrush and took a two-step back. He took a deep breath. After calming himself, he looked at Han Yue…

These magic lines have a magical effect. Du Wei raised his hand and pointed at Han Yue. After casting few spells, a thin ray of light shot from his fingertips and quickly enter into Han Yue’s body. Afterwards, a faint magic light shined on the girl’s delicate body. At last, the magic lines on her body disappeared little by little. After some time, they disappeared completely!

This was a stealth potion carefully formulated by Dewey.

Du Wei looked at the naked girl. He saw the blush on the girl’s face. Then Du Wei slightly thought about it and took off his robe. He went up and covered Han Yue with it.

Suddenly, the Han Yue suddenly felt a tremor in her heart. When she watched the action of the Lord Duke, she couldn’t help but whisper: “Am I not beautiful enough?”

Du Wei smiled and looked at the girl and then shook his head. “No, you are beautiful, very beautiful. But… for your mission, you must be a virgin.”

Du Wei stepped back and his expression has become serious: “You still have a chance to regret it.”

The softness in the Han Yue’s eyes faded away. With her beautiful voice, she said firmly: “No Lord, I am willing to accept it.”

Du Wei pulled out a grain-sized bead from his sleeve and had Han Yue open her mouth. Du Wei carefully inserted it into the gap between the teeth of the Han Yue’s mouth.

“After doing your thing… this medicine can make you free from pain.”

When he said this, even Du Wei couldn’t help but feel that this was too cruel.

Looking at the girl’s face, Du Wei sighed and waved: “You go on… There is still a day. You will set off after a day. Cherish the freedom of this last day.” After a pause, Du Wei said: “Well, there is one more thing. Your loved ones will also set off on the same day… but they will not go with you. They will leave the northwest and proceed to the southeast. I have arranged a boat there which will send them back to Nanyang.”

She remained silent but she did not leave immediately. But as if she had made a decision with great determination, she whispered: “Duke of the Duke. I… I have a wish.”

Du Wei looked at this girl and couldn’t help but soften a little: “Say, your wish, I will fulfil it!”

The Han Yue took a deep breath and then the girl slowly walked a few steps. She walked over to Du Wei and then gently kissed on Du Wei’s face. After turning around, she said with a smile: “This is my last wish. Now, it is done. Duke, my life is yours. I am willing to do anything for you!”

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