Law of the Devil Chapter 365 Part 1

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Du Wei gave the girl named Han Yue a few days and ordered everyone that no one should restrict the girl’s freedom in these days. She could do everything she wanted in the castle. Du Wei had already bought all the girls’ families back and arranged them to work in the castle.

Han Yue’s family received a gold coin but they were only told that their daughter had performed well and this was the reward from the Lord Duke. When Han Yue and her family got together, she kept her mouths shut and did not reveal anything strange.

A few days later, Han Yue was called by Du Wei behind the castle, in the Lord’s magic laboratory.

The beautiful girl knew that this was a forbidden place in the Duke’s Mansion and no one could enter this place without the order of the Lord Duke.

Du Wei wore a magician’s robe. When Han Yue walked in, she clearly felt that the Duke’s look was indifferent.

“Are you resting these days? Are you ready?”

Han Yue nodded. There was no sorrow on her face. Her expression was calm and there was still a little firmness in her eyes.

Du Wei sighed, and suddenly his voice softened slightly: “Do you … have any other wish?”

Han Yue thought about it for a while, she looked up, looked at Du Wei eyes and whispered, “Master Duke … I … I have heard my mother tell me since childhood that my parents were born in Nanyang. I am also a Nanyang citizen. I have never been to Nanyang in my life. I have never even seen the sea. As a child, my mother told me that there are many small islands in Nanyang, like pearls scattered on the vast ocean. I haven’t seen my hometown, so in my heart, every time I think of my hometown, I can’t help but think of the pearl that my mother said … but I have never seen a real pearl in my life. So…”

Du Wei nodded, and he turned around as if looking for something. When he turned around, he stretched out his hand, holding a round pearl in his palm. This was a fine pearl from Nanyang. Whether it was fineness or weight, it was of best quality.

“This pearl is for you.” Du Wei smiled slightly.

Han Yue picked it up. She looked at it for a while and gently stroked her finger on the pearl… not very cold. There was a hint of warmth, well, it was slippery.

Just then, Han Yue heard the voice of Lord Duke.

“Now, take off your clothes.”

Han Yue’s look was very calm. She didn’t hesitate at all then under the eyes of Du Wei, she began to take off her clothes one by one and showed her youthful and attractive body without reservation. When she stood naked in front of Du Wei, even he couldn’t help but take a cold breath.

What a beautiful girl!

But Du Wei did not lose himself. He took a deep breath and supressed his throbbing heart. Then he quickly took out a special pen and a bowl of prepared magic decoction.

Later, Du Wei approached the girl. He dipped the nib lightly in the potion and then gently wrote on the delicate skin with Han Yue…

Du Wei remained focused all the process which was not easy at all especially when you were close to a beautiful girl like Han Yue. Han Yue also cooperated well without moving during whole process. Although she felt embarrassed to let a man see her naked from so close, she still hold on.

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  1. Du Wei remained focused during the whole process … well without moving during THE whole process.
    Although she felt embarassed to let a man see her naked from so close, she still hEld on.

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