Law of the Devil Chapter 364 Part 2

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The Prairie King was naturally very happy. With only one gesture, he could get tens of thousands of people and 20,000 cavalry. No one would refuse such a thing.

In the following month, Saladin sent a lot of cattle, sheep and horses to Wang Ting… Although the prairie king did not lack these, they were given by his son. He was satisfied with this kind of filial piety.

Moreover, Saladin didn’t even bring any followers and went to Wang Ting alone! Then that day, in the King’s court, where many chiefs of the tribe and a dozen other sons of Prairie King were present…

Saladin actually knelt down in public and made the most solemn and respectful etiquette on the Prairie:

Kiss the feet of the Prairie King!

This obedient attitude even moved the Prairie King. He even felt that he seemed too harsh on his son. After all, although he was born to a slave woman, he could still be considered as his own. And … It looked like he’s quite capable and respectful.

Then something happened that dispelled the last suspicion of the King of Prairie about Saladin.

Here’s the thing. The defeat of the 20,000 cavalry soldiers at the Golden Wolf made a tribe that was originally loyal to Wang Ting had resentment against Wang Ting. The tribe decided to move away and no longer obey Wang Ting’s orders.

This angered the Prairie King and he ordered to conquer this disobedient tribe. And Saladin volunteered to do it.

He did a great job. He soon wiped out the tribe and handed the head of the tribe chief back to the Prairie King. He destroyed this tribe and all the population, cattle, sheep, horses and all of the captive lands were turned in. He himself did not intercept it at all.

More importantly, his cavalry suffered great losses in this battle. More than four thousand people died. Almost a quarter of the power was lost. However, he did not complain at all but sincerely stated on the king’s golden account: that he was his father’s son. His cavalry is father’s cavalry.

Saladin was fierce enough, and he exchanged the death and blood of four thousand men for the trust of the Prairie King. Let the prairie king believe that this son was not a selfish; he was indeed an obedient guy willing to bleed for him.

In less than two years, in such a short time, Saladin jumped from a son of a female slave to become one of the sons trusted by the king of the prairie in the court.

At this time, Du Wei was still recruiting in the Rollin Plain.

Du Wei knew all the processes and all the things about this Saladin from the letter sent back by the Uncle Alpha.

When Du Wei heard that Saladin kissed Prairie King’s feet in front of everyone…

Do not know why, Du Wei suddenly felt a chill run down his spine!

After sending Philip away, Du Wei again took out the letter from Uncle Alpha and he read it again. Then he sighed softly, “It’s almost time!”

Later, Du Wei walked out of his study and he didn’t let any guards follow him. He went through the long corridor and reached a small building behind the castle. Across the distance, a melodious sound of organ came from the room.

Du Wei pushed in the door and saw all the charming girls. Everyone was dressed in a veil and were dancing to the rhythm of the organ. They performed standard court dances with the best court etiquette.

All the girls here were the poor “prey” that Du Wei brought out from the Northwest Army camp.

Du Wei’s eyes quickly fell on the girl sitting in the middle of the house playing the organ.

There was no doubt that she was the most beautiful of all the girls. Her eyes were as calm as her name.

When Du Wei walked in, the people here saw him and everyone stopped moving immediately. Then the girls turned around uniformly and bowed to Du Wei. Under Dewey’s waving hand, they retreated quickly.

“You stay.” Dewey pointed at the girl playing the organ.

The room quieted down. The girl seemed a little nervous but strict training made her still stand up gracefully and then smiled at Du Wei like a spring breeze and gave a court etiquette.

Du Wei squinted his eyes: “You’re called Han Yue, right?”

Han Yue’s cheeks slightly reddened and she bowed her head, “Yes, Lord Duke.”

Du Wei took two steps forward. He suddenly raised his hand and gently lifted Han Yue’s chin. He carefully looked at every detail on her face.

Han Yue’s face blushed, her eyes dodged a little because of shyness.

“I remember you. I remember you from the beginning. You are a very beautiful girl.” Du Wei let go of her face. His face showed satisfaction but he was not addicted to beauty.

Obviously, he hadn’t finished speaking yet, so Han Yue listened quietly.

“How have you been here for more than a year?”

Han Yue immediately looked up and solemnly said: “My life was saved by the Duke. I live here very well and am very happy. I have never lived such a happy life in my life.”

Du Wei nodded. “So, are you grateful to me?”

“Yes.” Han Yue’s voice trembled: “I … I’m willing to repay the Duke with everything I have.”


Du Wei smiled and said in a steady and calm voice.

“So, it’s time you repay me.”

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  1. Instead of the repetition “I have never lived such a happy life in my life.” you can say “My life wasn’t as happy as it is now”

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