Law of the Devil Chapter 364 Part 1

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Saladin! At that time, Du Wei put Alpha with the boy named Saladin who was the thirteenth son of the Prairie king.

After suffering that defeat, Prairie king suffered a lot in the beginning. Because of the defeat, the anger of the Prairie king was vented on all the deserters who were lucky enough to flee. Even after the execution of hundreds of deserters, the Prairie king was so furious that he almost degraded his son as a slave. Fortunately, he was persuaded by people around him, saying that “After all, he is your bloodline. If he became a slave, it will also damage your majesty.”

The prairie king didn’t know that these people, in fact, received many benefits for doing so. Of course, the person who paid was Du Wei.

After being fortunate to escape the punishment, Saladin was forced to leave the Wang Ting and was sent far away to graze the horses, cows and sheep. In fact, it was actually to let him fend for himself.

Then, the captain Alpha, with more than two thousand prairie slaves given to him by Du Wei, came to the Prairie. Half of them were bought by Du Wei from all around the mainland. Half of them were given by the Prairie Prince during the peace talks.

Du Wei picked two thousand obedient slaves and have them led into the Prairie by Alpha. He ordered the Alpha to contact Saladin.

Du Wei asked Alpha to give Saladin: That’s all I can do. If you can no longer get the job done, it only means that you are incompetent.

With his superb commands, Saladin quickly made these two thousand slaves surrender and then formed them into a cavalry. He robbed several small prairie thieves, his subordinates quickly increased to 4,000 people. Within half a year, he formed a small tribe.

These things did not attract attention of Wang Ting. After all, the tribe formed by Saladin was only a small tribe with a population of less than 10,000. It was full of old, disabled and the sick people.

But then, the power of Saladin grew like a snowball!

Alpha became the liaison between him and Du Wei. Du Wei provided Saladin with many high-quality weapons produced by the Empire!

There was a lack of minerals on the grasslands. Although the prairie cavalry was strong, it lacked high-quality armor and weapons. This was their greatest weakness. After Saladin got Du Wei’s weapons, he became even more powerful. He was originally a very capable guy. After another year, the population under his control reached tens of thousands and he controlled more than 20,000 soldiers.

In any case, this number was enough to be considered a moderate tribe on the prairie.

What’s more, in order to increase his strength, Du Wei even sent two magic students under his command!

When Wang Ting finally noticed the abandoned son of the Prairie king, the Prairie king was surprised at the amazing development momentum shown by the son. But he didn’t like it and was slightly dissatisfied.

But soon, Saladin made a move. He took initiative to volunteer his tens of thousands of people and 20,000 cavalry to work for Wang Ting. He said that they were willing to obey the orders of the Prairie King. They were the most loyal fighters of the Prairie King.

And the only condition he put forward made people feel that this was not even a condition.

His request was: “I just beg my father to treat me as a son! After all, you are my father.”

The Prairie King was naturally very happy. With only one gesture, he could get tens of thousands of people and 20,000 cavalry. No one would refuse such a thing.

In the following month, Saladin sent a lot of cattle, sheep and horses to Wang Ting… Although the prairie king did not lack these, they were given by his son. He was satisfied with this kind of filial piety.

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