Law of the Devil Chapter 363 Part 2

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Year: 963 years, late autumn.

Loulan City, Northwest Desa Province, the House of the Duke of Tulips…

Du Wei frowned and his fingers gently stroked the centre of his eyebrows as if trying to smooth the anxiety between the eyebrows. He was looking at a document, more exactly a report. Philip stood in front of Du Wei. The young man was more mature, with a hint of calmness between his eyebrows. His hands habitually folded in his sleeves. He was standing there quietly. His whole body exuded an unspeakable aura.

Du Wei finished reading the documents in front of him and then slowly closed them. On the cover, there was a big red line:

Top secret! Northwest military plans for the next three years.

Du Wei pondered for a moment and then glanced at Philip, “Is this written by you alone?”

Philip smiled. “No, I listened to General Longbotton’s opinions and the Knight Ruolin also gave me some inspiration.”

Ruolin? Du Wei raised an eyebrow. This year, Ruolin did a pretty good job. To thoroughly develop Ruolin’s military talent, Du Wei simply transferred the female knight to his army. At the beginning, Du Wei let her command a cavalry brigade. After one year, due to her outstanding performance and Du Wei intentional promotion, Ruolin had become the commander of the 3,000 cavalry battalion.

Du Wei looked at Philip and then sighed: “The plan is good … but it will be a lot more difficult and required a lot of work… Philip, we now seem to have a big career and 100,000 soldiers … but you have to understand. In terms of quantity, our army is not as good as Lu Gao’s Northwest Corps! All of his 200,000 soldiers are elite, and all the generals under his command are old general. ”

“Also, we have to guard against the prairie in the west.” Du Wei sighed.

“I mean…” Du Wei tapped the table lightly: “The Northwest Corps is keeping an eye on us. We have an ally, Bohan. Even if anything went wrong, he will take lead. Our goal is to deal with the prairie people before the northwest army starts to fight back. At least we should make sure that in the future, when we deal with Lu Gao, the prairie will not stab in the back!! ”

Philip smiled and then he said leisurely: “Since this is the case … Lord Duke. Mr. Alpha, you should be back soon.”

Captain Alpha, Uncle Alpha. For the past six months, he has not been by Du Wei’s side or even northwest. In the Duchess of Tulip, most people didn’t know where the Knight Alpha had gone. Only few in the core circles knew where Alpha went.

Alpha was in the Prairie. To be precise, he had been staying in the grassland for time being. The sun on the prairie darkened his complexion. Drinking horse’s milk and eating mutton almost turned him into a prairie and even his hair was dyed by Du Wei into a common brown among the prairie.

Moreover, a long scar was deliberately made on his face, which allowed him to cover his face blatantly.

Alpha’s current public identity was the number one general near Saladin. His name was “Igo”. According to the language of the Prairie, this name means “eagle on the Prairie.”

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