Law of the Devil Chapter 363 Part 1

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In the Roland Empire, mercenary system has been legalized ever since!

This announcement undoubtedly had special significance! It stimulated the vigorous development of mercenary adventure organizations in various places and a large number of low-level warrior’s classes who had fallen into disappointment without work and food finally found a way out. In the north, a large number of newly-built mercenary guilds issued a notice of recruitment!

And … this did not burden empire’s finances much. Although the reward for hunting beasts was to to be paid, the empire was not without income… Any mercenary regiment must declare their earnings to the empire. The Empire even opened an official mercenary jurisdiction and each mercenary regiment must maintain its legal identity. Taxes must be paid annually to the empire.

Some people supported this decree, and some were against it. Supporters thought that this could effectively solve the problem of the raging beasts in the north. Opposition were worried that once the mercenary system legally opened its mouth, it would be great threat to public security in the future! This was not what people wanted to see.

Du Wei only smiled when he got the news. He was a supporter. His attitude was: “Even if the empire does not issue this order anyway, various mercenary guilds will be opened in the north. Since it can’t be stopped, it might be better to open the ban and then collect more taxes. ”

The fifth big thing happened that year. The Imperial Army announced that they would build a large military fortress in the north of the empire, about ten miles away from the southern end of the frozen forest.

In order to create this military fortress, the military ministers once again quarrelled with the finance minister for a few days. And finally it was still the Duke of Tulips who solved their problems.

Lord Duke Tulip, once again donated 10 million gold coins in the private name.

Such a move surprised everyone. Everyone wondered… how much wealth does this Duke of Tulip have? It is no longer a secret that he has donated 50 million gold coins.

Under the leadership of the Duke of Tulip, mercenary guilds also expressed its willingness to donate weapons worth three million gold coins to arm the new main battle legion in the future. Nobles like also donated tens to millions of gold coins.

In the summer of the year, on Du Wei’s sixteenth birthday, Du Wei received a small gift from the military.

The messenger sent by the military stated that because this military fortress was built by the military donation donated by Lord Duke. So in order to show their respect, they were willing to ask the Duke to name a new military fortress.

So, in the face of the messenger sent by the military, Du Wei wrote something on document and gave this future fortress a name…


(T/N: I also don’t know why he gave fortress such weird name.)

The sixth major event of the year…

At the same time, a big incident happened but no one noticed its occurrence and process. And it wasn’t until the result of this incident showed that people noticed it. It could be said that the pattern of the continent was changed by a very subtle, even insignificant person. Completely reversed…

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  1. Kaspersky is a well known antivirus/ firewall. Maybe duwei named the fortress that way to say it is the last wall of defence

  2. “Nobles like also donated tens to millions of gold coins” should be something like “Nobles also donated tens of millions of gold coins” ?

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