Law of the Devil Chapter 362 Part 2

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At first, in the early spring of the Empire of 967, Earl Raymond, who had made great contributions to the Empire, was known as the last master of the late Augustine dynasty died. The great general who had participated in the Northwest war more than 20 years ago and personally commanded two Nanyang expeditionary wars completed his life. Although there was a stain in his career: a coup.

But this did not obliterate the achievements of his life. In the evaluation of the generals in the later generations, there was one more interesting thing:

“Throughout the life story of this general, whether it was the outstanding performance in the First Northwest War on the Prairie or credit for the expedition to the Nanyang has been comparable to that of any famous historical person. However, this is not the greatest contribution that great General made to the empire. Many people believe that Raymond’s greatest contribution to the Roland Empire … to the continent and to the people … is giving birth to a good son. ”

The second thing that happened this year was the start of a large-scale conquest across the continent. The Empire had invested a lot of financial and material resources, extracted elites from the reserve and local defence forces on a large scale.

The third thing that happened that year was the empire’s baptism ceremony in the spring of 963 in the capital. The current actual ruler of the empire, the supreme master of the continent, His Royal Highness the Prince Regent Wang Chen, accepted the religious baptism given by Pope Paul XVI.

Although every emperor of all ages must be baptized by the Pope to be considered a legitimate emperor, the baptism of the regent was extremely rare. After he announced in public that he was baptized, Pope Paul XVI would become his godfather!

The ceremony was very lively that day. Tens of thousands of citizens of the imperial capital attended the scene to watch the entire baptism process.

This matter had encountered strong opposition from many royal nobles. In everyone’s opinion, this was definitely a great shame for the royal family and even a strategic failure! In the thousands of years that the royal family and the church have fought against each other, the royal family had always maintained its pride and dignity, and never bowed to the church! The future monarch, who was a young and wise man, did this kind of “stupid” thing which made everyone extremely puzzled.

On the third day of the baptism ceremony, the Regent issued a notice: according to the instructions of His Majesty Augustine VI. Chu Jun is the first heir to the imperial throne! Until the crown prince became an adult, the state affairs of the empire will still be under the control of His Royal Highness Prince Chen. Simultaneously, Prince Chen was awarded the title of Prince.

Emperor Chen used his actions to actually give up the throne … although he was actually the actual ruler of the empire.

The temple side suffered losses: they didn’t get an emperor godson. They only got a prince godson. The political significance of the baptism was greatly reduced.

Everyone thought that the temple would be greatly annoyed and would launch a series of counterattacks against the royal family. But everyone’s surprise the temple and the royal family become even more united!

After several meetings and consultations, the Pope and the Regent signed a series of land agreements in the next three years. The temple expressed its willingness to abandon religious taxes in some areas and then donate them to the Imperial Army as a free donation to show its support for the Imperial military expenditure.

This attitude of the temple showed their stance: repair relations with the empire and live in harmony.

The fourth major event of the year, the news of the ravages of beasts in the north had spread throughout the continent and then the empire issued a ground-breaking order officially announcing: all kinds of private mercenary adventure teams across the mainland can go to all parts of the northern continent for the hunt of beasts. The empire even issued a very detailed list, all kinds of beasts showed a clear amount of bounty. You could collect bounty from the local government for any beast you hunt!

After such notice was issued, some wise people immediately felt that something was going on!

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