Law of the Devil Chapter 362 Part 1

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Special Flying Broom! According to the latest news from Giliate City, Du Wei can already equip 300 people. This number was absolute limit.

Because after the earthquake, the bad news brought by Rodriguez and Hussein included one: the spring in the valley dried up because of the earthquake. Whether it is “The Fountain of Youth” or “The Passage of Time”, they have all dried up.

Only gods knew when the spring water would be produced again. What was certain was that in the short term there was no need to count on these springs to help.

Du Wei’s reserve of spring water, after making three hundred brooms, could no longer continue this costly production. In the future, those mutated walnut trees would need to be cultivated by themselves.

Of course, Du Wei also kept a small amount of spring water in his hands but he might use it in the future. It couldn’t be used now.

When Du Wei arrived here, apart from recruiting new regular soldier, he also ordered to train some new soldiers for Decepticon team. At first, he recruited 600 trainees. This whole thing was kept secret from everyone.

After rigorous training, only half of them have the opportunity to become pilots of the Decepticon team. And the remaining half would be eliminated… However, Du Wei will not waste these talents. Despite being eliminated, those who have undergone such crude “pilot training” were also valuable in their own way. Du Wei intended to have these people join Air Force’s air combat units made of hot air balloons.

Of course, there was also the “Dual Dragon Battleship”.

Du Wei heard the news from the Imperial City. The nationwide order to recruit new recruits had long been conveyed and the military was now extremely busy. A new main battle corps was being formed. The regent once again issued a controversial order: order to have 20,000 navy soldiers to take off their navy uniforms and re-join the army. He also ordered that southern shipbuilding base would no longer create new warships for next three years.

Local garrisons in various places have also begun rigorous training and selection.

It was foreseeable that the time of war was approaching!

Moreover, the first step of the Regent must be…


Roland Empire, Year: 963.

During this year, a lot of important things happened in the Empire. From all angles, the things that happened were worthy of being recorded in history books.

In particular, these things happened before the coming years of the violent War which highlighted these subtle things…

At first, in the early spring of the Empire of 967, Earl Raymond, who had made great contributions to the Empire, was known as the last master of the late Augustine dynasty died. The great general who had participated in the Northwest war more than 20 years ago and personally commanded two Nanyang expeditionary wars completed his life. Although there was a stain in his career: a coup.

But this did not obliterate the achievements of his life. In the evaluation of the generals in the later generations, there was one more interesting thing:

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  1. Because after the earthquake, the bad news brought by Rodriguez and Hussein included one … more piece of information / mishap / misfortune
    What was certain was that in the short term there was no way(or no possibility) to count on these springs to help.
    apart from recruiting new regular soldierS, he also ordered to train some new soldiers for THE Decepticon team

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