Law of the Devil Chapter 361 Part 2

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Du Wei sighed and looked at the crowd: “Do you have any opinions?”

Seeing no one objected, Du Wei frowned: “But … it’s not good, after all, I’m now an ‘outsider’.”

Old Sean immediately sternly cursed: “Which bastard says Master Du Wei is an outsider! Who is it, stand up! Stand out! Huh, which bastard says this kind of thing, I don’t think he is a human! I don’t want him to live! ”

He yelled loudly. He thought to himself: Sir Dirk, I am sorry! But I’m afraid I can’t live without it.

Everyone: “…”

The family meeting of the Rowling family ended successfully and everyone unanimously elected Master Gabri as the patriarch of the Rowling family, and unanimously “begged” the Duke of Tulip to act as the ‘guardian’ of Master Gabri as well as act as the acting patriarch before Master Gabri becomes an adult.

Then the meeting was over and the crowd dispersed. Watching people go out of the room, Gabri jumped off the chair and walked to Du Wei. He had a little hesitation on his small face: “Brother … you won’t really kill that Dirk.”

There was a hint of indifference on Du Wei’s face: “Why not?”

He glanced at his brother. Slowly: “Gabri, don’t you understand what I’m doing today? Well, my time is very precious. If not for you, why should I come to play this farce with you? I will send hundreds of cavalry and directly kill those bastards! Which one will dare to oppose me? Wouldn’t it be more straightforward than doing this farce here? I’m actually doing this all for you, my brother! Today I’m teaching you the first lesson. I hope you understand something from this whole farce and remember it forever. Don’t forget! Just now you saw, what’s the use of the agreement? What’s the use of vows to the ancestors? I’m stronger than them so he has to eat that scrap of paper in front of me! ”

Speaking, Du Wei pressed his brother’s shoulder…

“The so-called talk of justice is not as effective as a hard fist!” Du Wei sneered: “As long as you are stronger than others, you can casually reinforce so-called ‘justice’ and so-called ‘fairness.’”

Gabri thought about it for a while and then a hint of clarity finally flashed on the immature face, but after all, he was still a young man and couldn’t help saying: “That … Sir Dirk.”

“Kill!” Du Wei’s single word determined the destiny of that guy.

“Brother, at least one day they didn’t think wrong. I really can’t stay here all the time. After I leave, how can I be assured that you are safe? You are still young and your temper is too simple and kind. Those people are greedy… I’m afraid you can’t control those guys so I have to take some strict measures and kill someone to set as example! ”

This is the first lesson in life after little Gabri took office.

There was no doubt that his respected brother gave him a good start. But he still had to depend on himself from now on.

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