Law of the Devil Chapter 361 Part 1

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Looking at the audience, Du Wei’s face regained that gentle and respectful smile: “Do you have any comments?”

The hall was silent.

All of Raymond’s faction almost laughed out but they all suppressed it. Those who were originally in the opposition because of greed, at this moment broke out in cold sweat.

They finally understood. In the face of absolute strength, how ridiculous their ideas were. It could be said that if Du Wei was determined to go on killing spree… they were afraid that no one could stop this guy.

Du Wei snapped his fingers casually. The two warriors rushed in immediately. Du Wei pointed at Dirk on the ground and said: “Throw him out for me and then have someone to “send” him home. Also arrange some people to watch firmly outside his home, not allowing him to run away. This guy owed me sixty-seven duels!”

The guards glanced at each other. At the same time, pity surfaced in their eyes.

Poor guy … I don’t know how you offended our Duke. Those who offend Lord Duke generally do not have good ending.

Sixty-seven duels? I’m afraid even if this guy has goddess’s blessings, this guy is dead.

Seeing Sir Dirk dragged out like a dead dog, Du Wei smiled and turned to look at the other “Acting Patriarch”

“Baron Shawn… please sits here to match your acting patriarch’s identity.”

When Du Wei’s ridiculous words fell into Baron Sean’s ears, the expression on the face of the old guy immediately changed. His face turned blue and then red and finally white.

After all, this “wealth management expert” could still crux of the matter. He quickly stepped back and smiled. The old guy seemed to have suddenly changed. He was more sensitive than a rabbit. He rushed to the table in large strides and grabbed the “agreement” signed by everyone on the table and then stuffed it into his mouth.

He chewed twice desperately and swallowed as soon as he stretched his neck. The old guy coughed hard and then turned around. He looked right at everyone around him and said: “What acting patriarch? Is there such a thing? Why don’t I know? Do you know?”

The answers to his question was~

“……we do not know.”

“… right, never heard of it.”

“Yeah, yeah, is such thing happened?”

“What acting patriarch? Our patriarch, Master Gabri, is sitting here. What is need of acting patriarch?”

In an instant, everyone changed their position. No one wanted to die… Everyone could see that Lord Duke will kill every opposition!

Old Shawn felt that he was not safe enough so he gritted his teeth and said with a smile: “Guys, I think Master Gabri is smart but he needs someone to help him. What about this… Lord Duke, you are the eldest son of the old Earl and the elder brother of Master Gabri! Please do not shirk from this responsibility. Anyway… the family needs you!” Then, old Shawn’s eyes turned red and a few tears flowed out.

Du Wei sighed and looked at the crowd: “Do you have any opinions?”

Seeing no one objected, Du Wei frowned: “But … it’s not good, after all, I’m now an ‘outsider’.”

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  1. Yeah, yeah, HAS such A thing happened
    Master Gabri, is sitting here. Is there a need of AN acting patriarch?”

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