Law of the Devil Chapter 360 Part 2

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When Gabri heard the words “hit my foot with your chin “, even though he had a tacit understanding with his brother beforehand, he couldn’t help laughing at this moment.

On the ground, Dirk yelled miserably and spat out blood with his two teeth. His tongue was bitten by the teeth. At this moment, he angrily exclaimed: “Duke of Tulips … You bastard … you…”

Du Wei’s face “sank” immediately. With a look of injustice, he shouted loudly: “You all listen! He actually scolded me! This is a naked attack on a nobleman!”

The people around were already stunned. Someone could not help but want to say to Du Wei: Naked words attack? You have already done “physical attack”…

Du Wei went up and stepped on Sir Dirk’s chest. Then he bent down and punched the Dirk before shouting: “Oh, Dirk. How dare you … oh. You again hit my hand…”

Just in front of the eyes. A magnificent person was actually beaten by Du Wei so much. Poor Dirk began to yell and scold a few times. Later, he couldn’t bear it. Although Du Wei was also an aristocracy, he practiced the starry combat moves. So how could a ordinary person resist him?

Dirk had already yelled for help. He also counted on those companions who wanted to reap beefits.

But these guys did not dare to intervene. Who dare to go forward and offend an famous Duke?

Even if someone wanted to go over but a thought crossed their mind: If I touch the Duke’s arm, I’m afraid he would bite back and say I “hit” him, wouldn’t it be bad?

As a result, for a moment, the “Acting Patriarch” was beaten by Du Wei, but on one dared to speak.

Du Wei had played enough. When he stood up, he felt happy after venting the depression. He took a deep breath, then looked at Dirk on the ground and said fiercely. : “Sir Dirk, you hit me a total of sixty-six times so you owed me sixty-six duels! Hurry up and go back to find sixty-six men who are willing to give you on their life and are ready to duel for you! ”

Dirk breathed roughly for a long time before recovering. He sighed indignantly and said, “Dou Wei! You have harmed me! This is naked bulling! You … you are a murderer! I will sue you! Even if you have high powered but the imperial code will not allow let you off!”

Slapped! The answer to him was a slap.

“Sixty-seven!” Du Wei raised his hand and smiled slightly: “Sue me? Hum, Sir Dirk, see what it is.”

Du Wei slightly opened his placket, revealing a badge inside: “Look carefully, this is the magician badge! The significance of this badge not only represents my magician status, but also … that I have immunity to empire’s statute! Want to sue me and condemn me … my dear Baron Dirk. Do you know what procedures are required to convict a magician? ”

Du Wei squatted down and smiled, “First of all, you must have full evidences and the witnesses. Physical evidence must be complete. Then, you must first go to the local Magic Union to file the case and then go to the Imperial Empire in person to report my crimes… You must get the document signed by the Minister of the Imperial Supervision Office and then deliver it to the Palace in person to get the permission of the regent. After doing this, you have to hand it over to the Magic Union! In the end, Magic Union will decide whether I am guilty or not… Even if I proved guilty, the punishment for me can only be carried out within the Magic Union. ”

Du Wei sighed sadly and then looked at Sir Dirk with pitying eyes: “Let me tell you one more thing, for the thousand years since the founding of the Empire, the magicians who were punished for breaking the laws of the Empire, you know how many are there?” Du Wei opened his palm and then clenched it again:” Zero… no one. If you have mood and interest, then go ahead and sue me… as long as…”

Du Wei stood up and looked at the guy on the ground coldly: “The premise is that after our duel, you still have a life to speak.”

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  1. offend A(not an) famous Duke
    but NO one dared to speak.
    Du(not Dou) Wei! You have harmed me! This is naked bulling! You … you are a murderer! I will sue you! Even if you have high CONNECTIONS, the imperial code will not let you off!”
    go to the Imperial Empire … Imperial Empire doesn’t make sense .. it shold be Imperial Court or something like that … Imperial Empire is repeating the same thing twice

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