Law of the Devil Chapter 360 Part 1

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“Duel … Duel … Duel?!”

Baron Dirk exclaimed: “Prince Tulip! You … you … are you deliberately provoking me? You… you…”

Duel with Du Wei? Are you kidding me! He was a well-known and powerful magician on the continent!

He cried abruptly: “I … I’m the Acting Patriarch rich of the Rowling family… You …”

“I’m sorry.” Du Wei spread his hand and shook his head. “You are indeed the Acting patriarch. Unfortunately, I am an ‘outsider’. Even if you are the Acting patriarch of Rowlings, I have no reason to take orders.”

“That … that …” Sir Dirk sweated heavily: “I …” He had a sudden inspiration, as if he had found some life-saving straw: “According to the traditions of nobility, if my body is not suitable for duel, I can choose a loyal subordinate of my family to complete the duel for me! You can also send loyal subordinates to complete the duel! This is also fine.”

Du Wei smiled evilly: “Okay, I accept. I will wait for your message. Within two days, please choose a suitable candidate and then we will complete this duel.”

Sir Dirk relaxed a little and thought that it should not be difficult to find strong person if heavy reward was offered.

Just as he thought that everything was settled for now, he suddenly saw Du Wei’s hand stretching toward him…


A slap firmly landed on Sir Dirk’s face, causing his cheeks to swell. In front of everyone, he was slapped and even if he feared Du Wei, he couldn’t take it lying down.

But before he could say anything, Du Wei was “annoyed” first.

He heard Du Wei “angry” voice: “Sir Dirk!!! Why did you hit me with your face!!!”

Use … my face … to hit your hand?

Dirk almost didn’t spit out blood when he heard this. Du Wei has continued quickly: “You hit my hand with your face! This is another insult to me! I offer you a second duel! Sir Dirk!”

When Dirk heard this, he almost vomited blood. In such situation, even the calmest people couldn’t control himself.

Everyone understood it clearly: the Duke of Tulips was deliberately looking for trouble with Dirk.

Second duel?

Sir Dirk felt like he was about to faint. But how could Du Wei let him off so easily? He saw Du Wei walk up, raise his leg and kick him hard on the chin with his foot. One had to say that Du Wei’s body was flexible and physical fit after training. It was getting more and more powerful.

After getting kicked on the chin, Dirk screamed and fell backward with his mouth full of blood.

Du Wei became “angrier”. He yelled indignantly: “Well, how bold of you, Sir Dirk! You have offended me twice in a row but you still dared hit my foot with your chin! You … you don’t take me too seriously!”


When Gabri heard the words “hit my foot with your chin “, even though he had a tacit understanding with his brother beforehand, he couldn’t help laughing at this moment.

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