Law of the Devil Chapter 359 Part 2

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Think of the fertile Rowling Plains, those astronomical family businesses … though the Duke of Tulips was a bit tricky. Fortunately, he was already an outsider. And … he couldn’t stay in the Rollin Plain forever! He would leave Rowling Plains to go back to the northwest. At that time, the two places are thousands of miles apart. Where could he have time to take care of this place? And that huge family finances made people greedy…

“We have elected several highly respected candidates from the family, everyone can vote! This is the most fair!” Some people in the opposition cried.

Du Wei looked at these greedy guys … Huh, if I didn’t bring a pardon order; you idiots will still be sitting at home! Want to take advantage of it now?

He sneered: “In this case, please tell us who they are. Let’s discuss it.”

Soon, the opposition named two people, one was the loudest person just now and the other was an old man with white hair. Du Wei recognized this guy. He was owner of large lands on Rowling plain and holds Baron Title.

“Sir Dirk served as the head of the family private army in the early years. We think he can come forward to help Master Gabri manage the family private army. Baron Shawn is an excellent financial manager who can help Master Gabri Finances.” Someone said aloud.

“Sir Dirk, Baron Shawn?” Du Wei looked at the two guys. It was the Baron Shawn. The old man looked a little calm, but … was he a finance manager? Joke! Du Wei couldn’t help laughing. This guy was just a loan shark.

“Is the two candidates elected?” Du Wei looked at the two, the old guy who loaned us a lot, as if he smiled politely at himself. It was this Sir Dirk, because he talked aloud to himself when he came in. He was a very arrogant guy and dared to stare at himself.

Du Wei turned his head and looked at his brother: “Gabri. What do you think of these two candidates?”

Gabri smiled and blinked: “I have no opinion.”

“Well. Dear brother, you have no opinion? Good. We might as well sign a document. I think it is better to write everything in black and white.” Du Wei thought for a moment: “Let’s draft a one-point agreement. Everyone must sign on it and recommend these two gentlemen as assistants to the patriarch. What is the term of office … I think it will be four years. After four years, you can become an adult.”

Four years … Everyone in the opposition thought about it. In four years, enough benefits could already be obtained.

Soon, the agreement was written. Because of the deliberate silence of Gabri, Raymond’s faction did not object. Then everyone signed the documents one by one…

At this moment, Du Wei suddenly asked: “A four-year term … Can you change people during the term?”

“Of course not!” The opposition shouted unanimously.

“Really not?” asked Du Wei.

“Absolutely not!” The opposition was very strong.

“Even …… if there is any special reason for it,” Du Wei frowned: “substitutions cannot be done?”

“In any situation, substitution is not allowed!” Consistent opposition insisted.

“Okay.” Du Wei seemed to compromise.

Soon, the agreement was written. A total of forty-four members of the Rolling family signed the agreement and took a vow, saying that no one was allowed to violate the agreement.

After all this was done, Du Wei looked as if nothing happened and he was not frustrated because of the losses. This attitude made the opposing faction feel a little confused…

Does this Duke of Tulips care little about the wealth and business of the Rowlings?

Well, it may be so! After all, he was now the Duke. He had a province and everyone heard that business was doing well in Imperial City. Moreover, he had won the trust of the Regent.

After thinking this, a bunch of greedy persons was at ease.

“Two people, I’ll rely on you to help my brother in the future. It required a lot of work.” Hearing this Sir Dirk and Baron Sean were caught off guard.

Du Wei even pointed at the top of the table and smiled politely: “Since the two of you have different identities now, you can no longer sit here. Please sit there to present you identity as the patriarch. ”

Dirk was feeling unease. Although he felt that something was wrong, but after all, the agreement had been signed in black and white. Everyone had signed and swear the agreement. That could no longer oppose him.

In this case……

He couldn’t help but feel a little bit fluttering. He nodded to Du Wei politely but his expression showed a little greed as looked at the position on the long table…

The Sir Dirk took a deep breath and walked up…




The moment Sir Dirk stepped up. Suddenly a foot stretched out right under his foot. Sir Dirk was caught off guard. He stumbled and fell down with his face down. Fortunately, he turned his head around. Otherwise, he would have lost his front two teeth.

He climbed up, only to see that it wasn’t anyone else who was stretching out his feet to trip over him. It was this gentle-looking Duke of Tulips just now.

“Master Duke! You!!!” Sir Dirk looked angry.

Du Wei’s original smile was completely gone and it was replaced by gloomy expression. He looked at the Sir Dirk coldly: “You stepped on me!”

Sir Dirk froze. Stomp on you? Obviously you tripped me! It is clear to everyone… Is this calm and collected looking guy do this kind of boring thing to vent his anger? Huh, He is a child after all!

“It’s you …” at this moment, Dirk was calmed down a little. Even though he fell down, he didn’t want to quarrel with a Duke on such boring things. He gritted his teeth before he held back his anger and said, “Okay, I accidentally walked, Lord Duke, please forgive me.”

He was about to walk away but Du Wei grabbed his shoulders and pulled him hard. Then he stared coldly and said: “I said, you stepped on me!”

“Huh?” Dirk froze, everyone froze.

Du Wei slowly said word by word: “I don’t care what your Rowling rules are! But I have my rules! In my Duke Rudolph’s rules, this is an offense against me. No one can just offend me casually and go unpunished! Sir Dirk, I ask you to apologize to me immediately. Now, immediately lie on the ground and wipe my shoes clean!!! ”

What … what?

Everyone was stunned.

But I just stepped on my feet… Do I need to lie down in public to clean other person’s shoes? After all, I am also a Baron. If I do this, will I still be able to see people in the future!

Moreover, everyone saw clearly. Just now it was clearly that Du Wei who stretched his leg to make me fall down.

“This … is this a malicious provocation against me?” Sir Dirk felt little cold in his heart.

“I don’t like to talk repeatedly. Now, kneel down and clean my shoes.” Du Wei’s eyes were already a little chilly.

“If … if I refuse!” Bark Dirk insisted.

“Oh … you refuse.” Du Wei nodded and then took a deep breath: “Stepping on my foot is offense toward me, offence toward the majesty of the Tulip! Then, Sir Dirk, I demand this matter to be settled as Nobles! ”

After speaking, Du Wei suddenly took off his two white gloves and slammed them on the other part’s face fiercely: “I demand to fight you!”

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