Law of the Devil Chapter 359 Part 1

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The guy who spoke was obviously one of the main figures of the opposition. Du Wei remembered this guy vaguely. He was a well-established old guy in the Rowling family and had Baron Title. He also owned a lot of land. His words immediately aroused the opposition of Earl Raymond’s family.

“Nonsense! Who can you say young master is an outsider?”

“Is Master Du Wei an outsider? You old bastard!”

“I think you just have a guilty consciousness, otherwise why are you so afraid of Master Du Wei!”

The opposition did not show weakness and some people immediately called out:

“Who says he’s not an outsider!”

“Just ask him! His last name is Rudolph or his last name is Rowling!”

“He has left the family openly and there is no falsehood about it!”

When the crowd was about to quarrel again, Du Wei suddenly stood up, then suddenly pulled out the long sword left by his father. Then he held it with both hands and suddenly chopped it at the table!


The sword was nailed to the table. Everyone quietened immediately.
Du Wei’s face did not show unhappy or angry expression. He just looked at the guy who questioned him coldly and asked lightly, “You say I’m an outsider?”

“You…” The man had guilty conscience but after looking at his companion, he couldn’t help oppose strongly: “Duke Tulip, you are no longer a Rowling.”

Du Wei was a Duke! Now it’s a clan meeting! According to the imperial decree, no one should interfere in the internal affairs of the noble family, not even the royal family. Even if you are spoiled by the royal family, you could not interfere noble family.

“Very good, you’re right.” Du Wei nodded: “Legally, I’m not really a Rowling family. But…”

He suddenly smiled. With a faint smile, he said to the guy slowly, “But. I’m sitting here today, not as the member of Rowling family but as… the future Lord Gabri Rowling’s Chief Magician Adviser! Such an identity is enough? ”

“Magician … Magician Advisor …”

Everyone had nothing to say.

Nobles recruit magicians to work for themselves, it was a common practise on the mainland. The number of magicians was scarce and precious. They often work as right arm of nobles. Nobles often obey the magician’s opinion because of their preciousness.

“But you … your identity … you are the Duke of the Empire …”

Du Wei sneered: “Which law of the empire prohibits the duke from being a Magician Adviser to the Earl? I am willing. Does it matter to you?”

When he said this, his palm was resting on the hilt.

Finally, the opposing guys looked at each other and said nothing.

“So now that everyone has no opinion, let’s start choosing the Patriarch.” Du Wei sat down again. “When I came in just now, everyone seemed to be arguing, right?”

Immediately someone replied, “Master, we think we should let Master Gabri be the patriarch, but these guys are against it.”

Du Wei glanced at his brother and smiled: “Oh, what is the reason for the objection?”

The opposition immediately shouted: “We think that Master Gabri is naturally qualified to be the patriarch but he is still too young after all. According to the imperial decree, anyone below 15 years old could not hold any official position. The Rowling family has so much land and so many things. Master Gabri is still too young to handle them! Of course, we dare not object Master Gabri. After all, he is the heir to the Earl Title… but we think that we should appoint Acting Patriarch till Master Gabriel became adult.”

Someone with good relationship with Raymond shouted, “After a few years! A joke! After a few years, God knows how much the real estate of this family has been swallowed up and corrupted by you! Your gang…”

Before he finished speaking, Du Wei waved at him and then Du Wei nodded again and again. He suddenly smiled and said, “Well, right, right. Ah! “Then he turned to look at his brother:” Gabri, they said that you are young and you cannot be the patriarch, do you think it’s true?”

Gabri immediately said, “I think that’s right.” The boy stood up and looked at the crowd sincerely: “After all, I am only eleven years old. At such a young age, I really can’t take on the responsibility of a family. I also feel that I am now It =’s not suitable to take on heavy responsibilities right away, um … now that everyone thinks that someone should be asked to help me, I think it can be done. ”

Opposition hurriedly added: “Must be a member of the Rowling family! Outsiders must not intervene!”

“Oh … So, was anyone chosen?” Du Wei asked lightly.

Those who opposed looked at each other in dismay. They felt weird in their heart because these two brothers seemed to agree too easily. It’s inevitable that it’s a little disturbing.

However, there was no room for retreat at this time!

Think of the fertile Rowling Plains, those astronomical family businesses … though the Duke of Tulips was a bit tricky. Fortunately, he was already an outsider. And … he couldn’t stay in the Rollin Plain forever! He would leave Rowling Plains to go back to the northwest. At that time, the two places are thousands of miles apart. Where could he have time to take care of this place? And that huge family finances made people greedy…

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  1. HOW can you say young master is an outsider?”
    Everyone quietED immediately
    he HAS the heir to the Earl Title (or he owns)
    I also feel that I am STILL not suitable

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