Law of the Devil Chapter 358 Part 2

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Raymond was no longer alive so seat of patriarch was empty. So it was natural to recommend the new Rowling patriarch.

This was an old tradition. So when the news of the meeting came out of Rowling Castle, no one was surprised. Some people were even prepared for it but some simply left without waiting after the funeral.

The venue of the clan assembly was located in a hall of the castle. A long table large enough to accommodate dozens of people was placed in the hall. It had long been filled with the figures of the various people.

When Du Wei and his younger brother Gabri stood outside the conference hall, there was already a lot of discussion in the room. Everyone had been arguing and the sound almost overturned the ceiling.

Some of them were noisy, some were screaming, some were sneer, some were speculative and some were ambitious.

As soon as Raymond died, many people in the clan immediately became ambitious. After the Rowling family recovered, some people even saw this as opportunity!

After Raymond’s death, originally according to tradition, the first heir was naturally the oldest son, Du Wei. But Du Wei had publicly left the Rowling family. He changed his surname to Rudolph and became the Duke of Tulips. So it was impossible for him to inherit the earl.

And the second heir was naturally Gabri. In fact, the royal family had determined that the heir of the Earl title was Gabri, but the problem was that Gabri was now eleven years old. Four years were left before he become an adult. Before he could be an adult, he could not hold any official position and title. Everything had to be waited till he become adult.

Well, this was a loophole. Although Earl Raymond hoped that Du Wei could assume this responsibility during his lifetime, after all, Du Wei was officially an “outsider” so he could not hold position of Patriarch.

When Du Wei walked into the room, some people yelled and clapped at the table. The noisy people were divided into two factions. One faction was loyal to Raymond and insisted that the young master Gabri should be the patriarch. The other faction was made of some ambitious guys. They wanted to appoint an Acting Patriarch till Gabri becomes adult.

Du Wei was ready for this kind of pediatric noise. He just sneered twice and then patted his brother. He asked softly: “Gabri, look, these people can’t wait to swallow you. Are you afraid?”

Gabri shook his head and looked at Du Wei’s eyes: “I’m not afraid because you are here.”

Du Wei smiled and then…


With a loud noise, Du Wei kicked the door of the conference hall open. The quarrelling people inside were startled by the voice and then calmed down. Du Wei kicked the door open then took his brother’s hand, and strode in.

Both brothers wore extremely elegant aristocratic suits, long robes, golden belts, and fur collars. While Du Wei was wearing a pair of white gloves, Gabri was wearing black once.

As the two walked across the table, everyone was staring at them but Du Wei didn’t care. He walked to the top of the long table, and then pointed to the position of the patriarch’s office in the middle, and said to Gabri: “Sit down!”

Gabri sat down like this. Someone immediately couldn’t help but said, “This … Master Gabri, your position doesn’t seem to be there, please…”

Gabri didn’t speak. Du Wei immediately stared at the talking guy fiercely. He stared, deliberately using his powerful mental power as a magician. The other person felt as if he was suffocated by powerful mental power. He clenched his teeth and stopped speaking.

Du Wei looked at the silent crowd and then summoned a servant. He moved the chair and sat next to his brother. Then he said lightly: “Now, choose the patriarch.”

After he spoke, no one dared to speak for a long time. After a while, someone said, “Duke of Tulip, the clan meeting of the Rowing family is going on, you …”

“What am I?” Du Wei asked indifferently.

“Duke of Tulip, according to tradition, outsiders are not allowed to attend meetings within the clan.” The man groaned, staring at Du Wei.

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  1. the heir of the Earl title “would go to” Gabri
    Four years were left before he becomeS an adult
    Everything had to be POSTPONED till he becomeS AN adult.
    Gabri was wearing black ONES.

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