Law of the Devil Chapter 358 Part 1

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In the early spring of the Empire’s 963 year, the Rowling Plain was covered with black flags. All the Rowling flags in all towns were changed to black to show mourning to the deceased former patriarch Raymond.

Count Raymond’s funeral was not grand. According to the tradition of the Rowling family, there is a valley behind the Rowling Castle. Behind the valley, there was a cemetery where the patriarchs who died over the years were buried.

The death of Earl Raymond brought a haze to the celebratory atmosphere that was originally spread because of the restoration of Rowling family.

On the day of the funeral, the countess fainted once and little Gabri was crying from beginning to end. But Du Wei, the eldest son of the Rowling family, was in a black suit. He was holding the sword left by his father. He always remained silent and no tears flowed.

Everyone else saw the Duke of Tulips with a little fear.

Just two days before the funeral, the young duke ordered a red carpet from the castle all the way to the cemetery and sent hundreds of people to collect tons of petals. He even mobilized the guards to stand on both sides of the red carpet. Wherever the coffin went, they played the triumphal trumpets.

It was nothing like a funeral but more like a celebration on the general’s triumphant return.

Although some people thought that doing funeral in such a way was a bit wrong, Du Wei didn’t care a bit. He just used this kind of behaviour to make up for his father’s grief.

Prime Minister Rob Scher, the Finance Minister Muner and so sent messengers to mourn. Du Wei behaved as if he were a real homeowner and thanked the messengers from all sides for their arrival. He was very mature and even indifferent.

After the night of funeral was over, Du Wei again locked himself in the study room.

In the study, on the walls, where the oil paintings were hung, there was an extra oil painting of Earl Raymond at the end. The Earl Raymond in the picture was in armor and looked full of vitality. Du Wei sat quietly in the study for one night and no one knew what the young duke was doing in the study. After dawn, Du Wei walked out of the study and went to visit his mother first.

The Earl’s death caused the countess’s body to have some problems. Du Wei talked with her and checked her body. She did not want to add too much burden to her son at this moment so no matter how she was, she always tried to be as calm as possible.

After Du Wei went to see his mother in the morning, he immediately called the old housekeeper Hill.

Then made a decision: To hold family meeting.

The Rowling family was a family of martial arts. In addition to Earl Raymond, the patriarch, there were of course many other people who had previously occupied important positions. The family of hundreds of years of history naturally had firm foundation. In addition to the patriarch’s title of earl, there were also some people in the family who served as empire officials, forming a small political group of the Rowling family. Some were in the military, two were Barons and others were government officials.

After the coup d’état, this political group had been completely eliminated by Prince Chen and none remained. However, with the order of pardon, except for Count Raymond, who was the leader of the coup, all others were pardoned and their titles were restored.

Raymond was no longer alive so seat of patriarch was empty. So it was natural to recommend the new Rowling patriarch.

This was an old tradition. So when the news of the meeting came out of Rowling Castle, no one was surprised. Some people were even prepared for it but some simply left without waiting after the funeral.

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