Law of the Devil Chapter 357 Part 2

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The countess, who had always been weak, seemed to have become stronger now. With a charming smile on her face, she looked tenderly at her husband… but she miraculously did not cry. She slowly walked over and gently held her husband’s hands. She only said a very short sentence: “I … understand!”

The husband and wife have been together for many years and the countess expressed her emotions with only eyes.

“My life has been wonderful. I have been glorious, brilliant, successful, and failed … I am so satisfied to have such a life.” Raymond sighed and then coughed again. A contented expression appeared slowly on his face, “I thought I was going to die with sin, but fortunately, I have a great son who helped me to redeem my sin and saved my family. Even if I die now, I will not have any regret. Du Wei, come here. ”

The famous empire finally called his eldest son.

The father and the son looked at each other for a long time. The eyes of the two men intertwined for a long time and then old Raymond opened his mouth. The general’s voice was choking at this moment.

“The most person I am sorry in my life is you, my son. I want to compensate you but my life doesn’t allow me to do so much… Unfortunately, I will continue to be sorry for you, my son. Because I can’t bear the burden of the family anymore, I will pass this burden to you, my young son… I feel really guilty. But I know you will fare fine, right? ”

Du Wei looked at his father’s eyes and then he took a deep breath: “With me Du Wei here, the glory of the family will not go away! Father, this is mine, Du Wei Rowling’s promise to you!”

Raymond was relieved. With a trembling hand, he passed the sword in his arms to Du Wei’s hand.

With the surrender of this sword, the light in Old Raymond’s eyes faded quickly and he seemed to be unable to support himself anymore and lay down gently.

“Du Wei … my son … the most in my life, the person I’m sorry … yes, it’s you. And my most … the most regrettable thing … is … yes …”

At this point, his voice faded gradually and Du Wei hurriedly took two steps to put his ear on his father’s mouth.

The once-great general finally expressed his greatest regret in his life.

It wasn’t a mistake made in the coup nor was the family almost ruining in his hands.

In his last words, the greatest regrets of his life were:

“… Yes, when you were born, I was in the ocean. I as a … father couldn’t watch the birth of… my first son!”

Then he closed his eyes for… forever.

The once well-known general in the history of the Augustine dynasty finally completed his life that was difficult to evaluate. When he was dying, he was lying in bed with his dear family to say goodbye. It could be said that for a general, it should be a very happy ending.

Du Wei’s arms held his father’s sword, only to feel its heaviness. His brother Gabri was crying but Du Wei felt that his heart was empty, so empty that he had no desire to cry.

“I sent you to my hometown of Rawin, I hope you are good!”

“You are a magician and even a member of the Rowling family!”

“He is no longer from my Rowling family!”

“Son, you are better than me…”

“I just want to hug you, my son…”

“The most regrettable thing is not being able to watch you born.”

“I know … you will do well.”

Du Wei was holding the long sword in his arms. His fingers had been whitened because his grip was too hard.

Finally, he pulled his younger brother harder. He gently wrapped his shoulders and gritted his teeth, “Okay, don’t cry!”

At this time, the beautiful countess slowly walked to the bed. She bent down and kissed her husband’s forehead gently and deeply. Then, she even stretched out her hand and sorted out the quilt covering the old Raymond, making the dead Raymond look as if he had fallen asleep peacefully.

The countess’ movements were exceptionally gentle.

Later, the mother turned around and looked at her two sons. Her beautiful eyes fell on Du Wei’s body.

“Du Wei …” his mother whispered to him, “Now you are the only adult man in the family!”

Du Wei raised his face and looked at his mother.

The mother’s expression was sad as she wept silently: “Your father once said … he wants you to be the chief of the Rowling family.”

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  1. “The famous empire finally called his eldest son. ” the famous who? the father is neither an empire, nor an emperor
    “The most person I am sorry in my life is you” – should be “the person I am sorry about the most is you” or “The person I am most sorry about is you.”

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