Law of the Devil Chapter 357 Part 1

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“Son, go and get my sword.” Old Raymond made this weird request.

Du Wei did not hesitate and immediately turned around and took off the hanging sword from the wall. This was exactly the old sword of the old Raymond. This sword accompanied the old Raymond through most of his life, from the northwest to the south ocean!

Although he was too weak to hold the sword, Raymond still held the sword in his arms and his trembling fingers stroked gently on the sword’s blade. He said: “Do you know? I first officially led the troops on the battlefield twenty years ago in the northwest! And this sword followed me from that time. ”

Du Wei immediately said: “Trust me, father. In the next Northwest War, you will take this sword with the army! Lu Gao that guy is definitely not your opponent!”

Old Raymond smiled. He smiled very complexly, then put down his hand and stared at Du Wei: “Son. I know that you can do a great job without me. You are my best son and also the best talent of the Rowlings. I know that no matter what you do, you can do a great job…”

Du Wei finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and tears came out of his eyes: “Father …”

“Don’t cry!” At this moment, the glory of the once glorious great general returned to him: “I have lived for so many years and my glory has passed. Even if I die, it is already worth. We are members of the Rowling family. Death, to us Rowlings, is nothing terrible. ”

Then Old Raymond took a deep breath … even though his voice was weak. But the kind of determination and decisiveness in the tone still seemed to be of a Great General: “Son, go, call your mother and brother, I have something to say!”

Du Wei took a deep look at his father and suddenly he guessed something…

Time has come!

A few minutes later, the countess and Gabri stood by Raymond’s bed. To everyone’s surprise, Old Raymond seemed to be full of vitality. He even had a much better spirit. Without any help, he sat up hard and leaned on the bed. Then, the Patriarch watched his wife and son quietly.

“Gabri, come here.” He looked up and beckoned his younger son. Gabri who already had tears in his eyes walked to his father. Raymond gently stroked his little son’s head and said softly, “I know, these days, I only let Du Wei accompany me and not let you stay in my room… My son, it’s not that I don’t love you. I love you very much. But, you know what? I just want to compensate your brother. Since he was very young, I have been bad to him. In the time I have left, I decided to compensate him more and spend more time with him. I believe that smart child like you can appreciate my painstaking efforts.”

“I … I understand …” Gabri burst into tears.

Then Raymond turned his head to his wife. There was a deep tenderness in his eyes: “Alice … my dear Alice … You are the love of my life. The happiest thing in my life is to have you by my side. But sorry, my dear, our children will be entrusted to you in the future. ”

The countess, who had always been weak, seemed to have become stronger now. With a charming smile on her face, she looked tenderly at her husband… but she miraculously did not cry. She slowly walked over and gently held her husband’s hands. She only said a very short sentence: “I … understand!”

The husband and wife have been together for many years and the countess expressed her emotions with only eyes.

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