Law of the Devil Chapter 356 Part 2

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What annoyed Du Wei was that any other drug had no effect on the old Raymond, but these ice berries still had effect. It acted just as a pure analgesic drug that could only relieve the pain of his father but it had no effect on his illness at all.

In the following days, Du Wei was busy with everything but did not leave as planned. He stayed at home and stood by his father’s bed all day long. Although his mother secretly cried every day and Gabri was flustered because of his young age, Du Wei showed the temperament of pillar of the family. He calmly comforted the sad mother and took care of the panicked brother…

What no one knew was that the young Duke sat in front of his father’s bed every night with his eyebrows knitted. For many days, he didn’t sleep for a minute, not even doing meditation. He stayed with his father all the time. Even when Raymond was lethargic, he stared at his father with an affectionate look.

In order to save his father, Du Wei even took out the “Spring of Youth”, hoping to use this legendary item to save his father’s life… but he was disappointed with the results again.

Obviously, my father’s illness is not caused by injury or debase. My old man has exhausted his vitality!

Du Wei had never been this depressed. He had always done everything smoothly and almost without disadvantages. But facing his dying father, none of his methods worked. Although he was a magician and a man who could create miracles, after all, he was not a god! He was human!

He also once hid in the study to read all the books he could find, wanting to find out any method that can rejuvenate people’s vitality. But how can such method be recorded in the books?

Old Raymond also seemed to understand that his body was hopeless. As long as he woke up, he would endured the pain and speak with his son with a smile on his face.

Finally, in the middle of the second month after return of Du Wei to Rowling Plain…

To this day, Dewey gave his father a bit of Ice Berries. Although he was still smiling while Comforting mother and brother, his heart was sinking as day passed.

He has been in charge of his father’s medication and he knew very well: These days, father’s demand for ice berry is growing and the effect of ice berry on his father’s body gradually diminishing.

This afternoon, Old Raymond refused to eat ice berries. He said he wanted to be sober: “Eating this thing will make me unable to concentrate. I want to hear you, son, I don’t want to miss single sentence.”

Du Wei felt wet on his eyes. He quickly turned around and wiped his tears vigorously. Then he quietly grabbed a glass of water and helped his father take two sips.

“So, father, what do you want to hear today?” Despite his heartache, Du Wei still had a smile on his face.

He raised his skinny hand and gently stroked his son’s face and then slowly said, “Actually, I should have said a lot to you. Maybe I should have told you to take care of your mother, take care of your brother… but I know that you are a sensible child. I need not say these words. You will do an excellent job…”

Du Wei was silent for a while then his trembled fiercely. He said with a smile, “Father, wait for your health to recover then we will go to the Northwest together. We are going to deal with the Northwest Army. Together with family’s Army, we now have 100,000 soldiers. You are the best commander! ”

Old Raymond didn’t answer this sentence. He looked at his son and there was a gleam in his murky eyes.


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  1. As soon(not as long) as he woke up, he would endure(without D) the pain
    “Du Wei was silent for a while then his trembled fiercely. ” Something is missing here … his hands trembled? He trembled in general?

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