Law of the Devil Chapter 356 Part 1

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In order to rebuild the private army of the Rowling family, Du Wei could be said to have invested a lot of financial resources. After all, the Rowling family was had long lost its former glory and there was not much money in the family treasury. Although Rowling Plain was now Rowling family’s territory, the next tax would not be paid until next year. Now all the military expenses were borne by Du Wei. Fortunately he had some savings. Otherwise, he would have been in debt.

At the same time, Du Wei’s mood was not good. His mood was getting heavier day by day because…

The body of his father Raymond was getting weak and sickly by each passing day!

Raymond’s illness began after he was fired and returned to his hometown. A general who practiced martial arts like him for a lifetime was strong and would not get sick easily. His illness and wounds from war were actually nothing. The most important reason was emotions and low self-confidence!

His mother told Du Wei that after returning to the Rowling Plain, Old Raymond looked at the former family’s territory. The original Rowling flags that had been hoisted in various places had become the flag of the Thorns and Flowers. The supporters of the Rowling family who were extremely supportive remained silent on Raymond’s return!

This silence hit Raymond even more! He deeply felt that he was the historical sinner of the Rowling family! The glorious family was ruined in his hands. Originally when he returned, he was ready to be cursed and hated by Rowling citizens. Even if someone threw stinky eggs or rotten tomatoes at him, he would feel better.

But there was no swearing. People across the plain heard that the former patriarch had returned, but everyone remained silent … This is a kind of silence full of complex meanings, full of pain, anger, despair, and many other emotions.

But the good-natured citizens didn’t aim at their old patriarch. What made Raymond even guiltier was that some of the loyal family members of the loyal family around the castle had even followed the previous rules and willingly hand over taxes to the family!

Although formal local government officials had been replaced by Empire, thousands of these stubborn Rowling citizens rushed to the castle in a carriage and demanded that their taxes must be paid directly to the castle to show their loyalty.

It was these things that finally defeated the old Raymond! He felt very guilty. One night he even suddenly vomited blood.

Originally, when Du Wei first came here, he still had an optimistic attitude towards his father’s illness. He believed that his father’s body was very good and he was only emotionally unstable. With the Pardon Order brought by him, the hope of reviving the family should be able to calm the father’s unstable emotions and then he would naturally recover slowly.

But in a month, Du Wei’s heart lost hope little by little!

Not only did the old Raymond’s disease not improve but it became much worse in one fell swoop! Although he was lying on the bed, he could get up every day to take a walk in the castle garden. But after the good news about the family’s revival arrived, his illness became so severe that he could not get out of bed!

Several of the best doctors were invited in the family and a lot of drugs were used, but there was no effect at all.

Du Wei himself was a magician and an excellent magic pharmacist. He also had deep knowledge of various medicines. He checked his father in person and tried many ways. But those drugs had very little effect on his father’s body.

Although he didn’t say anything Cleary, he knew in his heart that vitality of his father’s body was passing away quickly and could not be restored.

The symptoms of old Raymond’s vomiting blood became worse and he always felt pain in his heart and chest, which made him unable to fall asleep. A tough guy who was originally dignified thinned.

Du Wei couldn’t bear it and finally made up his mind to use some “Ice Berries” for his father.

This analgesic medicine could relieve pain.

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  1. After all, the Rowling family (without “was”)had long lost its former glory
    Now all the military expenses were BORN(not borne), or even better, “expenses were covered by Du Wei”, bear sounds awkward

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