Law of the Devil Chapter 355 Part 1

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Du Wei frowned because his father’s body was indeed weak. However, as a general (warrior) who had fought before, he should be able to recover. He was not that old, he was just defeated in the past which was a heavy blow to his self-confidence. At least, Du Wei himself thought so.

“I have made a decision.” Raymond was lying on the bed. His eyes did not have slightest glory of the past, but at this moment his eyes were full of love as he looked at Du Wei. He said in hoarse voice: “I once committed a mistake, a big mistake and that was I didn’t trust you! But I will not commit same mistake a second time in the future. ”

Du Wei heard Raymond whispering to himself: “Son, come here, come closer.”

Du Wei immediately moved closer. Old Raymond struggled to sit up and then he stretched out his skinny hands. God, seeing his father’s skinny arms, Du Wei was startled!

Is this father? Is this the famous general that once stood above all? Was it the rebellious hero who dared to lead tens of thousands of soldiers to the trapped palace?

Watching my father’s hand…

“Father, you …”

Old Raymond smiled. He looked at Du Wei and slowly said, “Du Wei, stop talking about family matters, now … I just want to hug you, my son!”

Just want to hug you, my son.

At this moment, Du Wei suddenly wanted to cry.

The news of the recovery of the Rowling family spread out and soon spread throughout the Rowling Plains. The people of the Rowling Plains immediately felt excitement!

And soon, the order to re-establish the private army was issued. In the surrounding towns, long queues were lined up in front of recruiting places. In some places, people had even occupied the entire the street. The entire street was blocked.

Everything went smoothly and quickly!

Originally, there were private soldiers in the Rawlings family. At the end of the crime of the Rawlings, these private soldiers were forcibly demobilized. Those excellent soldiers left the army and went to the home. Most of them picked up farm tools and became farmers.

But after this news spread, the same thing happened in many places on the Rowling Plain. That strange scene was: Many farmers who heard the news dropped the hoe in their hands almost immediately and then flew back. When they reached home, they pulled out their armour and sword from under the bed and then ran to the horse, rushing towards the city closest to them!

One by one… These people gathered together on various roads in the city. Many people gave each other a tacit understanding. They didn’t even say hello. When these farmers who were sitting on the horses faced each other, they directly performed a military salute.

A special military salute of the Rowling family private army!

One month later…

In just a month, the private army of the Rowling Lin family was re-established. A large number of veterans returned to the army. There were also many warriors who were loyal to the Rowling family. After hearing the call, they all put on their armours and rushed from all parts of the Rowling Plain to the army to report.

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