Law of the Devil Chapter 355 Part 2

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In just a month, the private army of the Rowling Lin family was re-established. A large number of veterans returned to the army. There were also many warriors who were loyal to the Rowling family. After hearing the call, they all put on their armours and rushed from all parts of the Rowling Plain to the army to report.

The formerly abandoned military camps thrived with vitality and the energetic soldiers practised hard. Later, the local officials and local defence forces originally appointed by the Empire successively withdrew from the Rowling Plain.

As before, the Rowling Plain had almost become a small independent kingdom again, a “Rowling Kingdom”.

Du Wei clearly underestimated the enthusiasm of the people of Rowling plain (Kurt Province). He also greatly underestimated the appeal of the glorious name “Rowling”. Soon, the 50,000 private soldiers were recruited but the streets were still full.

At this time, Du Wei simply made a decision. Although the agreement with Emperor Chen was of recruiting 50,000 soldiers, Du Wei was not an honest guy. He issued the order to recruit another 20,000 reserve. Well, the reserve should not be considered a regular army.

Old Raymond could not give directions because of sickness. The Gabri was still young. During this month, Du Wei assumed almost the same responsibility as the patriarch.

After the empire’s local officials were withdrawn, the important posts of local government were served by a large number of members of the Rowling family. The Rowlings who were pardoned naturally thanked Duke Du Wei. Du Wei spent a lot of time reviewing documents every day. Of course, he did not forget his younger brother, when he was dealing with these official tasks. No matter how unhappy Gabri was, Du Wei forced the kid to follow him.

Du Wei’s intention was very clear. Although youthful playfulness was the nature of young people, Du Wei still educated his brother many times. You are the future earl. And now the family’s situation is special so you have no time to enjoy your innocent youth years! You must grow up and mature as soon as possible! You must be familiar with these things in shortest time…

Looking at his younger brother’s tender face, Du Wei also felt a little soft-hearted but he still hardened himself.

“Gabri, don’t blame me… Since I’m leaving the Rowling Plain soon, this burden will rest on your shoulders in the future!”

In fact, on the Rowling Plain, even the small vendors and coachmen knew that although the nominal heir of the earl title was Young Master Gabri and those documents were signed by Young Master Gabri, in reality the person who really made all kinds of decisions was the Duke of Tulips!

Anyway, Master Du Wei, Duke of Tulips, was also our family member.

The citizens of Rowling plains also rarely use the name “Duke of Tulips” for Du Wei. Most people were used to call him “Big Master” to appear intimate.

On this day, after the signing of the final appointment document, the transfer of military and political power in the Rowling Plain had been completely ended. Du Wei removed dozens of people who were already seriously ill or old from the local government and position of the rest of members of Rowling had been restored. In the army, a large number of old ministries were recalled no matter whether it was senior officers and grass-roots officers. Du Wei was not too much worried about it.

Du Wei was very familiar with these troops, even far more familiar than Gabri…

Speaking of which, this was still a bit shameful. After all, Du Wei had extensively engaged in that “football league” in the army. For this reason, Du Wei’s relationship with these officers was very good.

The last appointment was about the head of the family guards. Old Uncle Alpha had gone with him to the northwest and the position of the head of the family guards was vacant. Du Wei considered this for a long time and then Gabri proposed a candidate.

“Butcher!” Gabri said to his brother, “Although this guy is a little boring, he is also a man trusted by his father. He has followed me for two or three years and his martial arts are very good.”

Du Wei immediately remembered that when he first returned to the Imperial Capital and saw his brother for the first time, there was an indifferent guard standing next to his brother. Finally, he decided to go with Gabri’s proposal.

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