Law of the Devil Chapter 354 Part 2

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“I know myself, I can’t live long.” Old Raymond smiled. Old Raymond gently held his wife’s hand and then looked at the younger son: “Gabri, remember my words! Don’t forget them!”

“… Father, what?”

“Your brother!” Old Raymond said in a more serious tone than ever before: “Follow him! Follow him all his life, be by his side and be loyal to him!”

Du Wei returned to this astonishingly large study room. He looked at the oil paintings on the walls. He found Semel here.

I’m going to live in the study again tonight… tradition

The tradition of the Rowling is that the patriarch or heir after returning to the castle must live in the study on the first night. (This tradition was introduced earlier in this book).

But me … now, in terms of name and identity is not considered as the member of the Rowling family.

In the study, the servants had already delivered food and water. When the door was closed, Du Wei was left alone.

When he lived here before, he was still a young master who had no power and lost his favour. But now, he was already a successful Duke. With his just one sentence, he could summon tens of thousands of people to die for himself!

Looking at the oil painting on the wall, Du Wei suddenly smiled.

“Everything started from here! I don’t know if there will be any interesting things tonight…”

The next day, Du Wei was in his father’s room. Du Wei told his father his plans, including the re-establishment of the Rowling Family’s Private Army in the Rowling Plains, as well as plans for the formation of an army he envisioned.

“Five thousand soldiers are enough. If there are more, it is not necessary. I think the empire will soon deal with the Northwest Army in the next year. I must form a reliable army as soon as possible within one year. Otherwise I am afraid that under the war, I do not even have the ability to protect myself. There is a small population in the northwest. I need sufficient troops and the support of the family! The Rowling Plain was run by the Rowling family. For hundreds of years, the soldiers recruited from here, whether morale or loyalty, are more reliable…”

Du Wei had not finished before Raymond in bed interrupted him: “Just do what you say.”

“Huh?” Du Wei was stunned.

Old Raymond coughed a few times and then looked at his son: “The family was restored by you, it can be said that you gave the family a rebirth. Do as you deem fit, I believe your ability and judgment. Since the war in the Northwest is about to begin… then, this is also an opportunity to restore the fame of the family! I believe that under your leadership, the glory of the Rowling family will be revived in this war.”

Du Wei was a little surprised: “Father. You mean…”

“Everything is entrusted to you. If you need to recruit, just go. Whatever you want, as long as it is on the land on the Rowling Plain, you can take them away!”

“But …” Du Wei hurriedly said, “This established army still needs you to command!”

“Me?” There was a gleam of gloom on Old Raymond’s face. Then he smiled and looked at his son: “Du Wei, I am old. It has been proven that I am a loser. And … I cannot help you command this army.”

“Father, although the regent did not restore your title, you can still command this army secretly. You are the head of the family. I don’t think this is a violation of imperial law.”

“This is not a problem, my son.” Earl Raymond had exhausted expression on his face: “My son, I am old! And, I know my own body. I am afraid it is difficult for me to live to see the Rowling family regain its glory one day!”

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