Law of the Devil Chapter 354 Part 1

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Cope said: “It’s just a pity, old friend. You can’t recover your official rank. I think you can understand that. The regent has restored the title of the Rowlings. This time, in addition to issuing a pardon order, Regent wants you to decide the next heir to the Earl title. When I go back, I will report it back to report to the Lord Regent and the Royal family. After all, the Rowling family is also considered a part of the royal lineage. ”

Heir? Who else besides Little Gabri?

Old Raymond smiled and immediately asked the special envoy to rest in the finest guest room.

When the family of four was left in the room, Earl Raymond had a heavy expression on his face: “Du Wei, this is an order of the Regent. It didn’t need you to come personally. Since you are back, presumably is there anything else important? ”

Du Wei nodded, his expression never relaxed: “Father, I does have something important. On the one hand, I come for a pardon order, on the other hand, to seek family support! After my brother became Earl, I need the full support of the Rowling family! And the family’s private army…”

He hasn’t finished talking yet. Count Raymond suddenly smiled and cut off: “Okay, don’t talk about these things now. Du Wei, I’m weak and need to take a break so let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Du Wei froze for a moment. Then he smiled and nodded: “Okay, father, then tonight…”

Originally, he wanted to say that he would go back to the room to rest tonight. But before he finished, Earl Raymond suddenly said, “No, you can’t go back to your room to sleep tonight!”

“You’re sleeping in the study tonight!” Earl Raymond looked at his son with his eyes flashing. He said word by word: “This is our tradition!”

Pass on … tradition?

Du Wei couldn’t help feeling weird. Tradition is right … but. I am no longer the heir to the Rowling family!

Looking at his father in the hospital bed, Du Wei did not raise any objections but obediently went out. The old butler Hill was ready for everything.

Tonight, Du Wei was still sleeping in the castle’s study.

Gabri was left in the Count Raymond’s room.

He looked at his little son and suddenly felt guilty: “Gabri, would you be dissatisfied with my decision?”

Gabriel’s face was young but it was full of determination: “No, father, I think all your decisions are correct.”

“You are very smart, my son.” Count Raymond suddenly reached out and called the younger son to the bed and stroked his face lightly: “But I don’t think you can lead the family to glory. So my decision is to have you inherit my earl’s title. But … the position of patriarch, I have decided to let Du Wei take over! ”

Gabri didn’t have any objection. From the perspective of young Gabri, it was natural to follow his brother.

“I know myself, I can’t live long.” Old Raymond smiled. Old Raymond gently held his wife’s hand and then looked at the younger son: “Gabri, remember my words! Don’t forget them!”

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