Law of the Devil Chapter 353 Part 2

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Not very well? Du Wei frowned slightly and then he said politely to Baron Cope. “Baron Cope, I’m sorry for inconvenience. Please go with me to see my father in the room. The pardon order will be read out in the room.”

Cope did not care about this and quickly nodded in agreement.

Later, Du Wei and Cope led by Gabri entered the castle and reached the master bedroom upstairs.

As soon as the door was opened, Du Wei heard a heavy cough coming from the room. This voice made Du Wei’s heart jump.

Pushing the door, he saw a large bed in the middle of the room. Old Count Raymond was lying there. His original burly body seemed to have lost a lot of weight. His complexion was no longer rosy. It looked very yellow and the eye sockets were deeply recessed. Even those glamorous eyes seemed to be a little muddy…

Du Wei looked in his eyes and couldn’t help but feel bitter.

Count Raymond was dismissed from all official positions and lost his ancestral titles and territories. Although his father was lucky and did not die, he returned to his hometown, but he must have reproached himself in his heart! As the patriarch of the Rowling family, the Rowling family had been ruined in his generation by his father. It must be very painful in the past two years. The formal famous figure of the Empire had now become a weak sick man…

The countess was standing by the bed. In Dewey’s eyes, the mother was still beautiful. Although her eyes had already been wrinkled, time had gradually invaded her beauty, but she was wrapped in light makeup. Standing there so quietly, looking into his own eyes, the tenderness and tenderness that filled him, but Du Wei’s heart immediately became hot.

He took a deep breath and strode into the room and then knelt on the bed with one knee: “Father! Mother! I’m back!”

The countess had a deep love on her face. She walked up and gently hugged her son. Then she gently stroke Du Wei’s hair with her fingers without speaking.

Count Raymond on the bed struggled to sit up. Looking at his kneeling son in front of the bed, he coughed a few times and then whispered: “Du Wei … you have worked hard for two years.”

Later, the Baron Cope came in and after greeting the two; he read the pardon order signed by the Regent before the count Raymond.

After reading, the eyes of the old Count Raymond suddenly burst into surprise! At this moment, he seemed to be reverted to the formal famous empire of the former military expeditionary land. He took a deep breath: “Unexpectedly, my Rowling family has opportunity to make come back!” He looked at his eldest son and said in low voice: “Du Wei! Thank you! Otherwise, the Rowling family will have really died in my hands. In that scenario, even if I die, I can’t forgive myself!”

The baron Cope smiled: “Raymond … you and I are also old acquaintances! Uncle wants to pass greetings on his behalf. ”

Count Raymond smiled: “Well, Baron Cope, please help me convey my gratitude to Lord Munes.”

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