Law of the Devil Chapter 353 Part 1

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Although it was impossible for the old Raymond to return, Gabri was young and everyone was optimistic! This little guy who had been known as a genius since he was a kid in the imperial capital was originally very clever. Now the Rowling family title was restored. Not to mention, he also had an elder brother who was currently in limelight, the Duke of Tulips! In the future, this little guy’s future was considered bright!

Under these circumstances, repairing the relationship with the Rowlings became a top priority for the Minister of Finance Munes. This time his nephew went to the Rowling Plains with Du Wei. On the one hand, a pardon order was issued in the official capacity of the Imperial Supervision Agency. Another important thing was to use show goodwill to restore the relationship with the Rollin family.

Du Wei had a good impression on this guy. This guy once served in the Empire’s army. He did not aristocratic temperaments, but rather a bit of manliness. Although he had been working hard all the way, he had not revealed any slight dissatisfaction. He talked and behaved decently.

Today, they reached formal Emerald River which was now known as Rowling River. Du Wei knew that by crossing this river, he had officially entered the Rowling Plain (formal Kurt province). He couldn’t help remembering the scene when the accompanying cavalry soldiers of the Rowling family cheered and shouted “Going Home” when he came here for the first time.

Home … Here it should be my home.

On the fifth day of the journey, he arrived at the castle of the Rowling family where Du Wei had lived for a year.

It was just that the private army guards stationed outside the castle were removed long ago. The carriage came all the way to the outside of the castle and there were no guards from the Rowling family to greet them…

At this time, Rodriguez’s voice came from outside: “Master Duke, we have arrived.”

Du Wei opened the window and looked at the towering Rowling family castle and the high tower…

Mother, I haven’t let you down. The Rowling family… have finally been restored by me!

The carriage team entered the castle and it was still the old butler Hill who came out to meet him. After Du Wei jumped out of the carriage, the old housekeeper’s face seemed a little excited. They must have been already informed.

Sure enough, just after the old housekeeper greeted the Du Wei, he heard a cheerful voice coming from the gate of the castle: “Brother!!!”

Later, a young boy rushed out and threw himself at Du Wei. Du Wei smiled and hugged his brother hard and then pushed him away to take a closer look.

I haven’t seen him in the past two years. This younger brother seems to have grown up a lot. His body is getting stronger. Moreover at the moment he is wearing a white ground samurai practice suit and a short sword at his waist.

Du Wei knew that this was not the right place to talk and introduced the baron and then looked inside: “What about mother?”

There was a hint of anxiety in Gabriel’s eyes as he answered: “Father has not been very well recently. The mother is with him in the room. Moreover, the mother was originally going to come down to see you, but because a guest came, the mother said ‘She is a family member and it is inconvenient to come out without seeing them.’”

Not very well? Du Wei frowned slightly and then he said politely to Baron Cope. “Baron Cope, I’m sorry for inconvenience. Please go with me to see my father in the room. The pardon order will be read out in the room.”

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