Law of the Devil Chapter 352 Part 2

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“Okay, I’m sure.” Prince Chen immediately nodded and promised.

“Oh, there is a second condition.” Du Wei grinned.

Du Wei said indifferently: “His Royal Highness, I have paid a lot of money so naturally you have to pay more.”

Prince Chen looked at the gold coins scattered on the ground: “Say it.”

“Since the return of the Rowling Plains, the title of the Rowling family had also been restored … then the private army of the Rowling family must be re-established!” Du Wei said indifferently: “I don’t want much, just 50,000! The original Rowling family have more private troops, but I know that His Royal Highness, you will not be relieved if aristocratic family have many private soldiers. So I don’t want much, only 50,000.

Prince Chen looked at Du Wei strangely: “50,000 private troops is not much. Moreover I will not interfere with the private army of the aristocracy. You don’t have to discuss it with me.”

“But… I demand these 50,000 private troops to be transferred to the northwest!” Du Wei’s this sentence immediately changed the face of Prince Chen.

“Don’t be too surprised, my Highness.” Du Wei smiled: “Obviously, in order to deal with future wars, I guess, you must rush to smooth out the internal problems first. Otherwise, things will not end up well. So I think you must plan to solve the Northwest Army as soon as possible. My poor army is not enough to protect ourselves from the chaos in northwest. Rowling family is originally mine. I want the private army of the Rowling family to help me in the northwest. This may require you to nod, otherwise, tens of thousands of troops will be transferred at will and it will be considered rebellion.”

In this court meeting of the Empire at the beginning of 963, the fifth main battle corps of the future Roland Empire and a well-known invincible army division in later generations was born!

From the birthplace, this legion had deeply related to Du Wei.

And this legion also had a loud resounding name in history.

Thor’s Whip!

The carriage was on its way to Kurt Province. Du Wei was sitting in the carriage. Opposite to him, a middle-aged man was sitting. This man was wearing a gorgeous robe with a golden belt around his waist, which was obviously a nobleman’s dress.

This man was no one else, but a nephew of the old Minister of Finance of the Roland Empire, Munes, who had also served in the army before being transferred to the Imperial Supervision Office as a deputy commander and a baron.

After donating 50 million gold coins for military expenses, Du Wei was granted a pardon order for the Rowling family. This time, he was going to his hometown to announce this big event himself.

The fellow who accompanied him, as an official of the Empire Supervision Office, was the person ordered by the Regent to transmit a pardon order.

… Actually, the reason why this person was sent to the Rowling Plain with Du Wei also had another meaning. This guy was the nephew of the Minister of Finance Munes and the Rowlings have a marriage contract with the Minister of Finance’s family. Du Wei’s younger brother and the Minister of Finance’s young granddaughter had signed the marriage contract when they were Childs but later when the Rowlings fell down, no one mentioned about it again. If the Rowlings had no hope of resurgence, then this marriage contract would probably be invalidated. After all the members of the Rowling family were not fools. They would not think that the families which had collapsed could marry the granddaughter of the imperial finance minister.

The relationship between the two had gradually faded. However, this time with the pardon order signed by the Regent himself, the Rowling family had hopes of resurgence. Although the political career of the Earl Raymond had ended because the pardon order signed by the Regent only agreed to restore the title of the Rowling family, while allowing the Rowling family to decide for themselves the successor of the Earl title. Earl Raymond’s official position had not been restored. After all, he used to be one of the coup leaders. It was impossible to forgive such a grave crime. Otherwise, wouldn’t the regent slap his own cheek?

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