Law of the Devil Chapter 352 Part 1

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Outside the gate of the main hall, everyone heard wheels rolling. Dozens of large carts, under the close supervision of the Imperial Palace Army, had stopped at the door.

“His Royal Highness!” Du Wei looked up and smiled, “I’ll give you a big gift!”

“Gift?” The Regent brow frowned. “What gift?”

“Money!” Du Wei’s answer surprised everyone.

After speaking, he turned abruptly and walked to the doorway outside the hall. He stood next to the carriage closest to the hallway, and then suddenly pulled out the sword from the waist of an Imperial Palace army soldier around him. He slammed it on a big box on the carriage…



Everyone in the hall whispered in surprise!


A box full of gold coins!

However, this was not enough. Du Wei smiled and raised five fingers to the people in the hall: “Military expenses! 50 million … Gold coins!”

This time, everyone in the hall changed colour!

50 million gold coins? What is that concept? It is almost equal to the total fiscal revenue of the entire Roland Empire for one year!

The Regent couldn’t stand anymore; he stepped out of the hall suddenly, walked in front of Du Wei and carefully looked at the box that had been cut in front of him. It was filled with piece gold coins!

“Du Wei, where do you get so much money from!” The Regent approached Du Wei and suddenly grabbed his shoulder tightly.

Du Wei smiled and then whispered, “His Highness, I earned all this money. Would you like it or not?”

Prince Chen’s eyes turned and then weirdly smiled: “Yes! Why not!” But after a pause, he whispered, “What about your condition? Well, if you don’t get anything in return, I am afraid you won’t do it. Right, you … what do you want? ”

Du Wei no longer smiled, his face was dignified and then he took a deep breath and said his answer:

“I want to …” His voice suddenly changed from low to firm and decisive!

“I want the Emerald River renamed as Rowing River! I want the Kurt province to be renamed as Rowling province! I want the Rowling family to be acquitted and my brother Gabri to take over the Rowling family!

When Prince Chen heard the request, he immediately did a quick calculation in his heart and then came up with a result.

The 50 million gold coins was enough to establish an elite main battle corps and the support in the next few years could be done without worrying … a main battle corps, for a Rollin Plain.

As for restoring the title of the Rowling, although it was a bit shameful to change his own order, it may be a loss of face … but at this time, face was not important.

“Okay, I’m sure.” Prince Chen immediately nodded and promised.

“Oh, there is a second condition.” Du Wei grinned.

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