Law of the Devil Chapter 351 Part 2

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The fierce look in the regent’s eyes returned again and he suddenly said with a sigh, “Munes, I know everything you said. That’s way tax will be increased for only one year and it will be restored next year! But this year’s tax must be increased!!! As for the future … let’s talk about it later.”

Talk about it later?

The Minister of Finance could not help but flare up!

What do you mean later? He regarded the Regent as the hope of the imperial family. How could he be so irresponsible?!

Army of 200,000-landlord soldiers will cost at least 10 million gold coins to set up! Then, these 200,000 people had to be supported each year. The weapons, horses, and grains (food) must be maintained and acquired. No matter how you save, you need more than 8 million gold coins every year! Taxes would be raised this year and not next year. Then where will the 8 million gold coins come for each year? Do these 200,000 people starve to death?!

Unfortunately … the Old Finance Minister didn’t know that thoughts of the Regent at this moment were different!

Annual military expenditure in the future?

Hmm … don’t have to think about it anymore!

Once the war begins, whether it is 100,000 people or 200,000 people … when money is not required for the war?


Do we have a choice?

In the hall, everyone was stunned, not knowing how could their wise monarch suddenly decided to expand army. Everyone was suspicious but didn’t dare to speak…

Suddenly, outside the hall, a court attendant hurried in. Then he knelt on the ground and said: “His Royal Highness! Grandpa Tulip arrives…”

The Regent raised his eyebrows and looked at the court attendant in annoyance: “Now that Duke of Tulip is here, just let him in directly! What else do you want to report?”

The waiter was frightened, and said quickly: “His Highness … Duke of Tulip, he is not alone. He brought a hundred people and fifty carriages. He said that all these things should be brought in and shipped to the entrance of this hall. The guards want to check the contents of the carriage, but Duke did not allow it…”

“Oh?” The regent chuckled.

Even if Du Wei was late today, why did he bring dozens of carriages and drove the carriages to the entrance of my palace hall? Don’t let the guard check yet? What the hell was he doing?

After a moment, Prince Chen made a decision: “Let him enter! No one stop him; please invite Duke of Tulip and his people to come in! Well, I’ll see what this guy is up to.”

Everyone looked at each other in the hall including the old Finance Minister Munes who was kneeling on the ground.

After a while, everyone heard the sound of leather boots outside the hall. Subsequently, Du Wei came in.

To everyone’s surprise, Du Wei did not wear his usual magician attire. Nor did he wear aristocratic ornate costumes. When he came in, he was wearing close-fitting leather armour and on the back was a cape. It gave a little heroic feeling!

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