Law of the Devil Chapter 351 Part 1

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“It looks like something big has happened.”

All the dignitaries who were called had such a thought in their hearts at the same time.

When they entered the hall, they saw the gold armoured warriors standing on both sides of the hall, and then they saw the regent sitting high above them. His gloomy complexion confirmed the guess in their hearts.

Sure enough, after all the big shots entered to the Hall, Prince Chen spoke:

“I invited everyone today to announce one of my decisions.” The regent stood up and his eyes cold slowly swept over the audience: “Imperial Prime Minister, Acting Minister of Military Affairs, Rob Scher.”

The old prime minister immediately stood up and owed slightly.

Prince Chen’s voice was low and slow, echoing word by word in the hall: “Expand  army by 200,000 according to the standards of the Imperial Army Corps. The Minister of Finance Munes will provide financial. The four main armies of the empire will simultaneously recruit soldiers. At the same time within one year … no, half a year, I want to see Empire’s new Main Battle Legion! ”

Rob Scher’s body trembled. He looked at the face of the Regent and was about to say something but he closed his mouth stiffly? A few days ago, didn’t you just make a decision on things in the north. Aren’t you decided to just deploy troops from the south? Why did you suddenly decide to expand?

Oh my god, this is a whole main battle army!

The Minister of Finance’s body trembled. His skin was crumpled up on his old face. He bit his teeth severely and walked forward and said loudly, “His Royal Highness, I oppose it!”

The regent’s gloomy eyes glanced at Old Munes: “Why?”

“No money!” The Minister of Finance brazenly stared at the eyes of the Regent. The old man felt that today Your Highness was particularly majestic.

“Hmm.” Prince Chen sneered: “Munes, from today taxes in the eight provinces in the south except for the two provinces affected by the snow disaster and northern area will be all doubled!”

“Ah!” The Minister of Finance shuddered suddenly and exclaimed abruptly, “His Royal Highness! This is definitely not possible!”

Unexpectedly, the regent did not get angry because Minister of Finance opposed his command. The young monarch took a deep breath, his eyes showed complicated look and then he slowly said word by word: My decision will not change. ”

Minister of Finance Munes seemed to see deep weight in the eyes of the young Highness! It’s too heavy to breathe.

However, as the finance minister of the empire, he still remembered his duties firmly, the old guy bit his teeth and suddenly fell on his knees. He raised his head and looked at the Regent:

“His Royal Highness, increasing taxes is impossible! The empire has huge and overwhelming military spending for many years. Although the provinces in the south are wealthy, taxes have been increased six times over the past ten years for military spending! The establishment of a main battle corps must start at least 10 million in the first year, and the annual military expenditure in the future must also be at least 8 million! With the current financial strength of the empire, it is simply impossible to do so! Then … I am afraid that in less than two years, the South will be rioting! “

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