Law of the Devil Chapter 350 Part 2

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Under the eyes of the fifty soldiers left behind, fifty soldiers embarked on the ice field and have not yet gone out of sight. After about a few hundred meters, huge storms suddenly appeared in the original calm sky! The strong wind blew the soldiers on the ice fields down!

If Du Wei was here, he would tell them: Don’t make any resistance and retreat immediately!

Unfortunately, these soldiers made one of the most wrong choices: they took out a low-level magic scroll given by a magician adviser in the army when they set off.

But it’s just this magic that killed them!

The first moment when the magic scrolls were used, it immediately triggered a soft light, blocking the surrounding wind. But before these soldiers could cheer, the next moment…

Next moment, the storm in the sky as if triggered by this little magic light suddenly became ten times more violent! Countless wind blades destroyed that magic barrier in an instant! Fifty soldiers were cut into pieces by countless wind blades in an instant!

Just under the eyes of everyone, only a puddle of blood was left behind.

This scene was really scary. It took a while for the rest to recover. The leader had some insight and immediately recognized: “There must be a powerful magic barrier here.”

They did not dare to send someone forward to death, but could only retreat all the way back.

Who would have thought that in the frozen forest, there was no danger back and forth all the way, but after walking out of the frozen forest, half of the people were suddenly lost.

Soon, the fifty soldiers who survived reported the experience to General Rostock, the commander of the legion and General Rostock immediately wrote an emergency military intelligence and passed the matter to the Imperial capital. Because of the importance of matter, the military department had sent people to the north at the fastest speed. In the base camp of the Northern Stormwind Corps, a special magic array had been set up. With this magic array, the military situation could be passed to the imperial capital.

“There is no beast in the Frozen Forest. To the north, there is an ice field and a huge natural magic circle that cannot be passed…” After receiving this military prince, Prince Chen carefully thought about it for a while.

It could be said that it was this situation that laid the last nail in the determination of Prince Chen!

Because, before the Pope visited and talked with him, the Pope once said about the huge natural magic barrier in the north of the Frozen Forest.

“This is the last barrier that Goddess of Light gave to humanity…” These were the original word of the Pope.

From the military situation of the Storm Team, this is obviously true!

Well, the Pope didn’t lie … disaster really came.


Prince Chen smashed the table with a fist and then the young monarch, with a sombre face, burned the emergency military intelligence to ashes.

In the afternoon of the same day, the royal ministers who had always expressed surprise at the sudden meeting between the pope and the regent suddenly received a call from the palace at the same time. His Royal Highness ordered to go to the palace to discuss immediately.

As the Prime Minister Rob Scher, Minister of Finance Munez and Camisillo etc…

More than a dozen dignitaries holding significant imperial power came to the palace.

To their surprise, this meeting was not a secret meeting gathered in His Royal Highness’s study or in a small hall as usual.

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