Law of the Devil Chapter 349 Part 2

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Following day, His Royal Highness the King seemed extremely strange. He locked himself in the room, no one was allowed to disturb him and even his closest personal guard who was the most trusted subordinate was frightened by the kind of murderous look on the face of the Regent.

What the hell was going on?

Another day later, the Regent seemed to be getting more and more manic and his mood was extremely unstable. He even ran out of the room in the middle of the night barefoot and drove away the waiters and guards who followed him and ran to the “white tower” in the middle of the palace.

Then, the lord of the empire, considered to be the wisest young monarch in the empire’s history locked his brow tightly. He sat barefoot on icy ground beneath the white tower, wearing light clothes all night!

All the guards, under his strict order, were not allowed to stand near him.

Next day when the sun rose in the morning, the tired Prince Chen finally calmed down, he stood up and walked to the white tower. He stretched out his hand and stroked the white marble on the wall of the. He suddenly whispered to himself, “Oh, Your Majesty the Aragon, you have spent countless thousands of years to build this white tower, leaving this powerful magic circle, is it to deal with the current situation? ”

Well, yes, it must be.

At that time, the continent was unified. Under the leadership of the Great Aragon, the army of the Roland Empire was invincible. There was no threat to the existence of the empire or the world. In this case, why did Aragon make such a huge magical array that had consumed the empire’s countless financial resources and manpower? After all, there was not any necessity.

In the north…

Thinking of what the Pope had talked with himself, Prince Chen frowned.

If they were just words of the Pope, maybe Prince Chen might not believe it.

This was normal. How can you believe such a major matter casually? Just imagine that now the Pope of the Vatican suddenly ran to the president of the United States and said, “God entrusted me with a dream. I know that the aliens will invade the earth three years later. Now you quickly order a national war preparation.” Someone might think that the Pope was crazy.

Similarly, Prince Chen would not just believe such things. After all, it was associated with the recent sudden outbreak of large number of beasts in frozen forest which had never happened in the Empire for thousands of years.

Moreover, in addition to the words of the Pope, in fact, there is an iron law inside the royal family of the Roland Empire, which has been passed down from generation to generation! It was “under no circumstances, the magic circle of the Empire must not be abandoned!!!”

Each generation of emperor even had to invest new financial resources to repair or even perfect this magic circle. Even the most dreadful emperor adhered to this iron law.

More importantly, regarding the northern part of the mainland, beyond the extreme north of the frozen forest, there were also some exiled races … ordinary people were completely unaware of it.

But Prince Chen knew! In the royal family, there were naturally some most secret and most precious documents handed down from ancient times. Although they were only vague records with only a few words, he could also make a vague guess.

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