Law of the Devil Chapter 349 Part 1

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He took a deep breath and opened the box with a solemn look. But when he glanced into it, his mouth immediately widened as if someone had suddenly inserted seven or eight eggs into Du Wei’s mouth.

Du Wei stared at the contents of the box with a stunned expression, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

“This … is this thing?” He exclaimed with a throaty voice.

Ruo Lin was curious: “Is this … what? Lord, you seem to recognize this?”

Du Wei reached out and stroked the neat rows of things in the box.

Damn, this … this …

Isn’t this fucking Mahjong!

F%ck! It is really Aragon!

Du Wei: “…”

*Next day*

What surprised the personal guard next to him was that the duke, who had never paid any respect to the gods, went to the Church of imperial capital for three days!

On the first day, when Du Wei went out and instructed his men to drive to the church, the men almost thought that they had heard something wrong, right? Our Lord was famously disrespectful to the gods so how could he go to the temple?

After arriving at the temple, Du Wei directly let people in to report: Duke of Tulip want to see the Pope!

Will the Pope just meet him?

The next thing shocked everyone.

The Pope actually sent someone out immediately and kindly asked the Duke of Tulips to enter. Du Wei then stayed in the Church until dark.

After that, the Duke went to the Church for three days and he sought to see His Holiness the Pope every day, staying in the Church from morning to night. Nobody knew what they talked about.

Du Wei was very kind to his subordinates. A curious and bold personal guard couldn’t help but ask him about reason. Du Wei grinned and said: Your master, I, decided to spread the glory of the God and sincerely serve God and be an honest believer.

As soon as these words came out, everyone was absolutely shocked silence. Everything is possible but this.

On the fourth day, Du Wei no longer went out. He locked himself along with Hussein, Rodriguez, Queen Medusa and Miss Nicole in the study. He also ordered no one to disturb. Several people stayed in the study for the whole day.

At the same time, something strange happened in the Palace.

He never went out all the year round. His Holiness the Pope of Roland actually came to the palace in person and asked to meet with the Regent!

How is it possible! A few days ago the relationship between the two parties was already very tense. Now does His Majesty Pope come to see the Regent King? Could it be that the fight is not fun so they make up?

Less than half a day, this piece of news spread throughout the core circles of the imperial capital, especially the dignitaries of several empires.

After all, the meeting between the Emperor of the empire and the spiritual leader of the empire was bound to be extraordinary.

According to news, His Majesty the Pope and His Royal Highness had an intimate talk for an entire afternoon. After His Highness the Pope left the Palace at night, His Royal Highness was obviously exhausted and weird. Nobody knew what had affected His Royal Highness’s mood. That night, His Royal Highness slept in his study.

Following day, His Royal Highness the King seemed extremely strange. He locked himself in the room, no one was allowed to disturb him and even his closest personal guard who was the most trusted subordinate was frightened by the kind of murderous look on the face of the Regent.

What the hell was going on?

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