Law of the Devil Chapter 345 Part 2

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Before the last trace of consciousness was about to dissipate, he suddenly saw two figures appear. Human figure!

The silvery light flashed across the sky and the storm in the sky suddenly burst.

Then he finally closed his eyes…

When he woke up again, he found himself lying in the woods and the surrounding trees seemed to have been broken into pieces after a disaster. It had shown how terrible disasters have been here.

The next reaction. He immediately reached out and touched his arms. Fortunately … two things were still there!

He was finally relieved and immediately became vigilant.

A voice came around: “Are you awake?”

He tried to open his eyes. It was gradually clear that a human stood in front of himself and looked at himself condescendingly.

“I recognize you, you are the prince of the dragon clan, right?”

Just when he was shocked, the next word from the man reassured him.

“I am not your enemy. I work for the Duke of Tulips. My name is Rodriguez.”

Du Wei …

Du Wei …

Well, that was the human who made friends with him.

The Dragon Prince was finally relieved.

He didn’t know how long he had been asleep. The severe pain caused by the slight movement of his body made me almost faint again.

He reluctantly said in hoarse voice, “Please, please help me up.”

Then a pair of powerful arms raised him. Dragon Prince turned to look at the man. The handsome middle-aged man was smiling at him mildly: “My name is Rodriguez.”

“Dear Dragon Prince.” Hussein stood next to Rodriguez. “We were entrusted by Du Wei to come here to inquire about the news. Is something bad happened to the Dragons?”

Dragon Prince kept silent for a while and his eyes flashed. Finally, after a long time, he smiled abruptly: “There are no dragons in this world!”


Hussein and Rodriguez looked at each other. Prince Dragon took a deep breath to calm himself. Although his chest was so painful that he was trembling, he still gritted his teeth and whispered, “I … I am going to die because of heavy injuries but I am lucky to meet you before dying.”

Then he gasped hard and his breathing was getting irregular.

“I’m sorry.” Rodriguez sighed. The Paladin looked helplessly at the dragon prince on the ground: “I checked your injury … you are too hurt, we can’t help it. I felt a powerful force in your body that destroyed half of your lungs and that power is still in your body. If it was not for you desperately suppressing it, I am afraid you would be already dead. Unfortunately, you are not human. You are a dragon so human healing magic has no effect on you. And…”

Hussein also sighed: “Also, there was a spring that could cure your injury. Unfortunately … the spring has dried up after the earthquake.”

Dragon Prince smiled hard: “It doesn’t matter, I … I can only hold on for a little while, so please tell the Duke of Tulip what I am going to say. Because … In my opinion, among human beings, I’m afraid he alone can stop this disaster…”

“The Dragons have suffered a large attack from those sinners in the north. This time, they came fiercely with in huge numbers. In order to preserve the power of the Dragons, our great patriarch, my respected father, accepted the challenge issued by the leader of sinners, a guy named ‘Elf King Fall Snow’. If my father wins, then the elf king promises to let retreat his army. And if my father loses, then the dragons have to surrender! ”

When Hussein heard this, his heart jumped: “Is it …”

Look at this Dragon Prince in such a bad situation; does the patriarch of the dragon clan, the powerful and almost perverted old dragon king lose?

Prince Long nodded and his action immediately made Hussein’s heart sink to the bottom!

“Father’s decisive battle with that elf went on for three full days and three nights, and finally…”


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