Law of the Devil Chapter 344 Part 2

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At the same time in the northern frozen forest…

The frozen forest behind was in the mess and large numbers of trees had collapsed and broken. In this icy snow, all had been frozen.

In front of it, there was a vast flat ice field, seemingly white and boundless.

Hussein stood on the edge of the woods, with cold eyes, staring at the ice field. Behind him, Rodriguez sat cross-legged on the snow. He grabbed a handful of snow and put it in his mouth, then took a bite of the dried food that had been frozen hard.

After a while, Rodriguez smiled suddenly and said, “Today should be the first day of the New Year. If I was in the Imperial capital or in Loulan city, I would have been enjoying myself. According to the tradition in our Duke’s Mansion, Mr. Mard should have instructed the kitchen to make a lot… well, what is that thing, the name of the food invented by Lord Duke?

Hussein did not look back but simply answered with single word: “Dumpling!”

“Ah, yes, it is dumplings. Speaking of it, the taste of that thing is really good. Alas, now we two are drinking ice water and eating dry food. I can’t help but miss the taste of that thing. ”

Hussein then turned around and glanced at Rodriguez with a frown, “I don’t know what happened. In the past two days, we did not find even one beast.”

Rodriguez nodded, “Yeah, we have been eating dry food for two days, but we can’t even find a prey.”

Hussein sat next to Rodriguez and put a handful of snow into his mouth. But looking at the ice field in the distance: “Let’s wait for another day. If there is still no clue … I want to go north to see.”

Rodriguez frowned: “North? You mean the place where the dragons live in the northern part of the ice field?”

Rodriguez was entrusted by Du Wei to investigate the situation of north. Along the way, he met Hussein and the two went north together. They entered the frozen forest and then proceeded north to explore the news. After crossing the Great Lake they finally entered the forest. The forest was unexpectedly quiet. Although the two found a lot of footprints of big beasts, they did not encounter any beast personally. They seemed to have hiding in a large forest.

Along the way, Hussein also understood Du Wei’s meaning, so they decide to go to the north of this frozen forest. Behind the ice field, there was a god mountain which was the place where the dragons lived.

However, the two reached the edge of the forest, they still found nothing. At the northern end of this forest, they had been sitting for two days but they had not found any clues. Hussein was so eager to move that he had the idea to go north to explore the news of the Dragon Territory.

“But, you said, there is a huge magic barrier on the ice field. Can you pass this magic barrier?”

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