Law of the Devil Chapter 344 Part 1

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Time flew and the last day of the 962 years of the Empire came…

On this night, the “fireworks” invented by Du Wei became the best-selling thing. Even the palace had purchased several carts. Shops of Duke of Tulip (Du Wei) were selling fireworks like hotcakes.

In addition, Du Wei also ordered the factory to make a batch of small fireworks suitable for civilian use for public sale to the civilians of the imperial capital.

Taking advantage of the happy season at the end of the year, a large number of gold coins flowed into Du Wei’s pocket again.

That night, the sky above the capital was illuminated with brilliant fireworks. The square of the Royal Palace issued special regulations according to which the large quantity of fireworks had to be given to the royal family by Du Wei. This thing was much more magnificent than the “Goddess of Forgiveness” that Du Wei had made to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

Looking at the huge fireworks blooming in the sky, Du Wei did not go to the square to observe the ceremony at this moment. Even though countless nobles went to the square in front of the court tonight to see the ceremony, but Du Wei claimed to be sick and rest at home.

He was sitting alone on the top of the highest building in the Duke’s Mansion, his legs were leaning on the eaves, and beside him was a bottle of fine wine. Even though the coldness was heavy at night, Du Wei seemed to be very comfortable.

“It’s another year … I’m alone again.” Du Wei sighed, took a sip from the bottle. Then he laughed, facing the starry sky in the distance and said loudly: “Happy New Year!”

Suddenly a strange sense of loneliness arose in his heart. Du Wei had come to this world for many years. He felt that he had gradually adapted and even mixed into this world. He was already used to being a “Roland”. But as the Chinese saying goes great: think twice about the season.

Only at the festive period when everyone celebrates, the inner loneliness will came out.

In fact, now Du Wei thought about it, he felt this feeling bit ridiculous.

Originally, he thought he was a pure person who came from the different world. But now he knew that he had actually lived in this world for several lifetimes! Aragon, Du Wei 1….

If one counted in this way, he had spent much more time in this strange world than he did on the earth in the previous life.

In the distance, there is a lively hustle and bustle on the streets. That street was in festive atmosphere which could be felt from here.

Just then, Du Wei’s heart fell silent…

Now that he was here, why bother with things which were not in his control? Why not enjoy this atmosphere and be happy?

After he took the last sip, he threw the bottle down from the top of the building, flipped his clothes, and laughed: “Stupid, stupid!”

Then he flew down from the top of the building. After he landed on the ground, he strode toward the outside.

In the front hall of the Duke’s Mansion, when the servants saw the master, they immediately stood still and saluted. Du Wei just smiled and walked away quickly. He walked to the door and listened to the sound of crackling fireworks and firecrackers from the distance. The impulse in Du Wei’s heart became even more vigorous.

He waved his hand to let the guards back down: “I’m going out alone. Don’t follow me … uh …”

After that he went to that bustling street and enjoyed the different things and atmosphere there…

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