Law of the Devil Chapter 343 Part 2

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If the spiritual consciousness of a low-level magician was compared to a small water glass, then his magic power was naturally only a glass of water. The spiritual consciousness space of a senior magician was much larger and the capacity was naturally larger!

This was one of the important differences between the strength of a low-level wizard and a high-level wizard!

But Du Wei now found that deep in his spiritual consciousness; something was slowly rotating, driving his entire “bucket” to rotate little by little. It’s like a water mill was rotating slowly and every time it rotates, the entire spiritual consciousness was getting bigger and bigger!

Although this speed was still very slow, it’s still more than ten times faster than normal practice!

“Semel! Semel!” Du Wei immediately shouted in his mind: “Did my star magic finally break through?”

Unfortunately, Semel really ignored him for a month. They were not talking for a month. No matter how Du Wei called, there was no response.

Du Wei’s mind was puzzled so he once again decided to meditate. At the same time, he carefully stretched out his spiritual tentacles to look at the little whirlpool in the spiritual consciousness.

That little whirlpool was infinitely mysterious. It seemed to have its own spiritual consciousness. It felt like a hidden little “universe”!

Every rotation makes the universe gradually expand.

Du Wei, after all, was from modern word. He immediately thought of a previous theory:

The entire universe is slowly spinning and gradually expanding infinitely with rotations!

It seems that this theory can also be applied to little whirlpool?

Soon, Du Wei found that his mental strength had been completely restored!

How much time did it take? Du Wei opened his eyes and looked at the sky…

Twenty minutes? Or half an hour?

In the past, if he wanted to reach this level, he had to sleep for a day or two.

Fast recovery…

Du Wei thought and then suddenly remembered something!

Wasn’t White River said something about this?

“As long as this seed of power is in my body, no matter how badly I am hurt, I can recover in a short time!” said White River

He remembered that in the small building of the imperial capital, White River and Lan Haiyue fought. He was obviously injured, but when he rushed to catch himself after a blink of an eye, he had already recovered completely!

Seed of Power … Seed of Power!

When White River gave him “Third hand”, didn’t he also inject it with a seed of power?

Du Wei felt moved!

This … that seed of power is finally taking root in my own body!

Du Wei estimated that with the slow rotation speed of the seed, it would gradually expand his spiritual consciousness. Then, he was afraid that it would take less than a year for his own mental strength to jump to eighth level!

Eighth level? That was already defining line in realm of “senior” magician! How many senior magicians were there in the entire continent?

He was only 17 years old now!

Although it was little later than Vivian and Jojo, but don’t forget that Vivian and Jojo had practiced magic since childhood. They had always been taught by the most powerful men on the mainland.

How about him? From the starting of learning magic to today, it had only been two years!

With this seed of power, how many years of hard work have been saved?

The other ascetic people are facing a towering mountain peak and climbing hard slowly. But if you have the seeds, it seems that you are automatically provided with a shortcut to heaven. No, this is not a shortcut, it is simply an elevator!

These thoughts shocked Du Wei as well uplifted his mood.


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  1. he’s 17 years old here? Earlier when he was in the carriage recovering from the fight there was a thought about being 25 years old, which seems more correct?

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