Law of the Devil Chapter 343 Part 1

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“Your Majesty, I have a small request?” said Rob Scher.

“What?” asked Price Chen with a smile?

“This old man’s body is weak. I think I will not be able to handle both position of Prime Minister and Minister of Military at the same time so request Your Majesty to provide me someone to share my burden?” said Rob Scher.

“Do you have any recommendation?” asked Prince Chen.

“It will be my honour to have His Majesty as my companion…” said Rob Scher.

“OK! We will do so…” Price Chen continued with slight smile “By the way, your way of address me is not correct. Prime Minister Rob Scher keep this in mind in future”

Hearing this, Rob Scher gave a bitter smile.

The old Prime Minister who had been considered to have almost finished his political career, suddenly came back to life! He also received such a great authority to control the military!

As for General Hughes … no one bothered him.

Politics was so cruel! Although he used to be the Minister of Military Affairs, before the meeting today, he was also the star of the crowd. Everyone came to him to greet him. But now … he left alone, but others refused to look at him any more…

A moth had passed from the last discussion…

Today, after meditating for a while, Du Wei didn’t feel anything at first but after a moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and touched his head.


Then he looked at the sky outside.

Time … how long has it been?

Du Wei jumped out of bed and ran to look at the huge hourglass in the room.

“Hell! Hell!” Du Wei exclaimed.

When Du Wei, Du Wei found that the recovery of his mental strength had almost reached 70% to 80%!

“Why so fast?”

According to Du Wei’s experience, after he used up his magic power in the past and wanted to fully recover, at least two days were required. Especially after the magic power strengthened, each time he ran out mana, it took longer to recover.

But today … just this short moment…

With surprise, he sat down again. He closed his eyes and continued meditating.

He used his spiritual force to explore what happened to his consciousness.

Finally, he quickly discovered something strange!

In his conscious, it seemed that there was such a thing that he didn’t know about. It was spinning back and forth, like a small vortex. With every rotation, it derived spiritual force to increase his consciousness slowly.

Du Wei’s discovery was no small feat!

You must know that the magical power of the magician was directly related to spiritual consciousness. The basic principle was this: the spiritual consciousness of human beings is like a bucket and the spiritual power (ie magic power) is the water in this bucket!

The meditation of a magician could only restore the water in the bucket. It required years of hard work to make your spiritual consciousness grow.

It’s not difficult to fill the bucket. But it is extremely difficult to make this bucket bigger!

Every breakthrough required a lot of effort and even luck.

In theory, the larger the spiritual consciousness, the more water can that bucket hold. Larger the bucket, the higher the overall magic power would naturally be!

If the spiritual consciousness of a low-level magician was compared to a small water glass, then his magic power was naturally only a glass of water. The spiritual consciousness space of a senior magician was much larger and the capacity was naturally larger!

This was one of the important differences between the strength of a low-level wizard and a high-level wizard!

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