Law of the Devil Chapter 342 Part 2

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The regent suddenly called: “Hughes! General Hughes! You tell me why the army lacking combat power. You only want to expand your army! However, when you see the navy costing imperial finances, you are doing nothing. As a military minister, are you all dumb? Have you gotten old or are you selfish? ”

“…” Old Hughes didn’t dare to say a word.

Prince Chen became even more merciless: “Huh! Hughes. Last year’s disarmament plan is your first chance! The plan to suspend shipbuilding earlier this year is your second chance! Both opportunities are given to you… and you…”

(T/L: Last year disarmament plan was suggested in the court but Hughes opposed with his full strength. Later plan to suspend the ship building was also suggested in the court but Hughes also opposed it. Building ships needed a lot of finances so if Hughes did not oppose the plan then lot of financial resources would have been saved.)

As he spoke, his voice became colder.

At this moment, everyone knew that today’s matter was blown up. Did Prince Chen want to use this opportunity to deal with the Hughes?

In the whole scene, only Du Wei and the unpredictable old prime minister remained calm.

Although Du Wei was surprised, he was not that shocked. He knew that Prince Chen had been dissatisfied with the military for a long time, especially during the coup d’état. How could any monarch tolerate the presence of military department that did not listen to his orders?

It was just that he did not touch the military in short term. After more than two years, Prince Chen had firmly controlled the Royal Imperial Army.

He finally decided to take action against military!

Others couldn’t figure it out. Obviously today they were discussing the reinforcements of the Stormwind Corps, how suddenly it turned into a spearhead and pointed at the head of the military? Du Wei sighed in his heart. This prince Chen decided to make move without giving you any warning in advance!

But … Du Wei suddenly looked at the Prime Minister Rob Scher again. The old man was also calm and didn’t seem surprised.

“In your heart, is there any regent? No! Is there any empire? No! Is there any honour for the soldiers? No! You only have the military department! Only the military department! In your eyes, defending your military is more important than the great cause of the Empire, the overall situation of the Empire and the loyalty! Isn’t it?!”

After a series of interrogations, Hughes’ head almost stuck to the ground. Prince Chen finally sat back in his chair and his chest gasped heavily. Obviously, what he said just now finally vented his anger for two years.

In the hall, for a while, even the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard.

The only thing was that both Prince Chen and General Hughes gasped heavily.

No one dares to say one more word at this moment. After a long time, Prince Chen’s voice seemed to have calmed down but it was scary cold…

His voice was low and prolonged. He said coldly word by word: “Imperial Minister of Military Affairs General Hughes has lifetime loyalty to the empire. For his hard work and loyalty, the Empire rewards one hundred gold coins, ten boxes of Nanyang pearls, the title of duke and the title of court military scholar to General Hughes. The post of military minister was temporarily suspended until I think of a new candidate!”

Old Hughes kneeled down and his body trembled constantly. Finally, after a long time, he reluctantly said in a husky voice: “Thank Your Highness for your reward …”

Then he staggered to his feet but using great perseverance, he didn’t fall. Instead, he walked to his own chair and sat down.

However, everyone knew. The imperial military minister’s political career was completely over!

“Rob Scher, you are the prime minister of the empire. Now the post of vacant minister of military affairs, I don’t have any good candidates now. You have also served the military in the past. Until I find suitable military minister, you will temporarily take charge of the military affairs as the prime minister.”


Who would have thought that the old prime minister who had been identified as completely out of favour was suddenly given the power of acting commander of the military command?

There was no trace of joy on Rob Scher’s face but he sighed softly and a bitter smile appeared in his eyes. He nodded and replied: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

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