Law of the Devil Chapter 342 Part 1

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It seemed that things had become clear, but the old general Hughes seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied: “His Royal Highness, I have no opinion regarding the transfer from Wangcheng Guards. Your Highness, everyone knew about the situation of the Southern Legion. Historically, for many years, each time the Empire expanded the navy, it was from the Southern Legion to recruit troops. Today only one legion is left…”

“Then let the soldiers of the navy return to the land!” said Price Chen!

Return to land?

These new words shocked everyone!

In the past two decades, the Empire’s military strategy had been to emphasize the sea expansion, it was a recognized fact!

The warships were getting bigger and bigger, the navy was expanding continuously…

Although the recent expedition had been less profitable than before, it was still profitable every time. Even the Minister of Finance had to admit that the expedition could bring benefits to the empire.

This concept of “return to land” was beyond everyone’s imagination!

For military general Hughes, each army was his lifeblood. He was reluctant to abolition of any army. When he heard this, his face immediately looked changed. He was about to oppose loudly but felt a pair of eyes staring from the side. It was the Rob Scher, the old prime minister.

Rob Scher’s eyes had a deep warning and discouragement. Old Hughes immediately felt cold, knowing that old prime minister was hinting to not go against the regent.

“The soldiers of the Imperial Navy have risen to nearly 150,000 and Warships have risen to nearly thousand!” Prince Chen said lightly: “This year, there are twenty new large-scale warships about to be built! What a huge number! Huh, indeed. Everyone is enchanted by the strength of the navy, the navy is invincible … but I would like to ask you a question. Such a powerful navy, such an invincible navy … I want to know what use it has. ”

Prince Chen slammed the table with a banh. Everyone was shocked.

Prince Chen continued: “Useful? To deal with the indigenous peoples of the Nanyang land? To deal with those who can only row in small canoes. They use spears made of wooden sticks and stones to fight. They use bows and arrows made of branches to fight. Just to deal with these Indigenous people, it will cost my Roland Empire millions of military expenses each year. We are actually intoxicated by this ‘victory’! It’s just a joke! It’s a shame! The navy is invincible? It is indeed invincible! That’s because there are no maritime enemies in this world! Since there isn’t, what is the use of such huge navy?”

Every word poked straight at the heart. In the palace, everyone was speechless. Only Du Wei kept his face calm but he couldn’t help looking at the Regent’s eyes and suddenly a thought came to his mind … Did he…

The regent suddenly called: “Hughes! General Hughes! You tell me why the army lacking combat power. You only want to expand your army! However, when you see the navy costing imperial finances, you are doing nothing. As a military minister, are you all dumb? Have you gotten old or are you selfish? ”

“…” Old Hughes didn’t dare to say a word.

Prince Chen became even more merciless: “Huh! Hughes. Last year’s disarmament plan is your first chance! The plan to suspend shipbuilding earlier this year is your second chance! Both opportunities are given to you… and you…”

(T/L: Last year disarmament plan was suggested in the court but Hughes opposed with his full strength. Later on, plan to suspend the ship building was also suggested in the court but Hughes also opposed it. Building ships needed a lot of finances so if Hughes did not oppose the plan then lot of financial resources would have been saved. Because of these reasons Regent was angry.)

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