Law of the Devil Chapter 341 Part 2

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The old man raised his two fingers: “One is ‘Urgent’ and the other is ‘Relax’.”

He turned around calmly and looked at the Minister of Finance and the old General Hughes: “In my opinion, both of them are justified. There is no right or wrong in this matter itself, one is an ‘urgent’ and other is not so ‘urgent’. ”

The old man opened his mouth. After all, he had been the prime minister for twenty years. Although he had gradually become dormant in recent years, his words still has weight. When he spoke, none of the heavyweights below spoke, but he quietly listened to the old man.

“Let’s talk about the Minister of Finance’s suggestion… the problem of the combat effectiveness of the local garrison in the empire. Well, we must understand that there are some things that can be done quickly! But some things are not solved in a day or two! The combat effectiveness is low, yes. The numbers are too large and it is true also. Military expenditure is too wasteful, it is also true.”

He glanced at the old General Hughes who seemed to want to argue. But before waiting for the other party to speak, he said: “Hughes, my old friend. Don’t refute these issues first because they are indeed facts. Of course … I also don’t agree with the idea of ​​removing local defence forces now. After all, it is not a good time! We are facing many problems. The empire is not stable. What is more important is that the vast territory of the empire requires large number soldiers to guard it. This problem needs to be solved slowly and even if disarmament took long time. ”

Old Hughes’ face was a little complicated. He finally shook his head and didn’t speak.

“Next… about the situation of the Stormwind Corps is urgent! It is urgent. The lack of military force is an undeniable fact.” Rob Scher took another look at the Minister of Finance: “Well, Munes, you too don’t need to refute. I think your idea of ‘Let the local defence forces go to the north’ is a very stupid idea. The combat power of the Stormwind Legion in the north is second to none in the Empire’s main battle army! If they even can’t stop those damn beasts … Oh, sorry, Your Majesty. My words are a bit rude and I lose my identity…”

He said calmly, but Du Wei suddenly opened his eyes!

Because in this sentence that the old guy just finished, his title to Prince Chen seemed to be habitually wrong. Or deliberately … his title, unconsciously, changed from His Highness to “His Majesty”!

About this title, Prince Chen seemed to be unaware of it…

“If even the Stormwind Legion can’t stop those beasts, so what reason do we have to believe that the local defence forces can do better than the brave Stormwind Legion? Munez, my old friend, I understand your financial concerns. In fact, I also agree with you, but you must understand that… In the north, there is a vast fertile land! If the north is chaotic, then this spring the financial revenue will be greatly affected! So, if you are worried about financial issues, then you need to consider more. If we do not inject fresh and reliable fighting power into the Northern Stormwind Corps, once our northern barrier is lost… then north will be in chaos. Fiscal revenue will be even greater! Gentlemen this is a difficult time! I can’t think of a perfect solution, but we may be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Then choose a more important and more urgent problem to solve as for the other disadvantages, we might as well endure it for a while. ”

Du Wei heard and sighed…

Is this the experience of an old politician for a lifetime? Using soft and hard approach at the same time… He clearly accused the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Military Affairs but at the same time he also supported the two… Finally, he expressed his position politely.

“So, do you agree with the expansion?” The Prince Chen laughed.

“No, Your Highness, I don’t agree with ‘expanding the army’, but I think we can make some adjustments appropriately. My suggestions are that this matter should be done in three steps! The first step, we can start with the mobilization of Wangcheng Guards to north immediately! The second step, which can be carried out at the same time as the first step, was to order the Southern Army stationed in the Southern Marsh to send a division to supplement the Wangcheng Guards! Last step is recruiting! But these recruits are used to supplement the Southern Army. And this recruitment must be conducted in accordance with the fighting standards of the main army. At the same time … I suggest reducing some of the military spending on local defence forces next year and we can make some adjustments. ”

Prince Chen thought for a while and murmured: “Take the two divisions of the Wangcheng Guards to the north … Prime Minister, will this be a little risky? Northwest…”

The “Northwest” was sensitive topic. Everyone was silent, especially the army leader General Hughes. His face was a bit ugly; after all, it was Lu Gao of the Northwest Army who got promoted vigorously. This was almost an indelible stain in his political career.

“So, I think this is a decision that requires courage.” The old prime minister said a word gently but they seemed to carry a heavy weight.

“The decision that requires courage…” Prince Chen nodded his head and after a while, he smile: “Well, yes, this does take courage. However, my Augustin family never lacks courage! Not to mention in the short term, I think we have a well-known Duke of Tulip in the Northwest! ”

He finally glanced at Du Wei.

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