Law of the Devil Chapter 341 Part 1

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Du Wei’s mood at this moment was weird. This Prince Chen did something really unexpected.

Is he playing tricks at such time?

What does he want to do? Push me into pit?

Supporting the Minister of Finance would offend the military. Supporting the expansion of the military would offend the Minister of Finance.

Just as everyone in the hall was staring at Du Wei, Dewey suddenly smiled. He slowly stood up.

“His Royal Highness!” Du Wei smiled softly, but there was a hint of slyness in his eyes: “Everyone sitting here are wise seniors. I am just a junior…”

After saying that, he pause for a while and then said in low voice, “I saw the Prime Minister sitting firmly all the time. Lord Rob Scher seems to have a good idea. His Highness, why don’t we listen to the advice of the Prime Minister? With his rich experience, maybe there is a better way. ”

With these words, he kicked the ball to an old prime minister.

Although this hot potato was thrown to Old Rob Scher by him. However, it seemed that the old prime minister was not very angry. His half-closed eyes finally opened slowly, as if he had looked at Dewey, and there was no dissatisfaction in that look, but there was a flash of appreciation.

Hmm, this young lad can understand that he is not strong and hides his powers… It seems that he is a good candidate but he is still too young.

Just … let me make a final little contribution.

When Prince Chen heard Du Wei’s words, he smiled slightly and could not help but be satisfied.

This was indeed a test and a test. If Du Wei really listened to him and dared to evaluate the Minister of Finance and the military leader, that would be a stupid performance! No matter how aggressive you are, no matter how talented you are… in this circle. What matters is seniority!

Even if you are right, you are smart. But in some things, if you don’t have enough qualifications, then don’t talk about it!

Retreat when needed… It seemed that this boy had been doing well in Northwest for more than a year.

This little boy was still on correct road!

“Well, then Prime Minister please tell what thoughts you have.” The regent looked at the old Rob Scher who had been dozing off with a smile.

The old prime minister smiled and he barely stood up. His old body looked even weaker but at this moment his smile showed the calmness of an old politician!

“His Royal Highness!” Rob Scher said with a smile. “Please forgive my silence … but I have only been thinking about two issues.”

“What is the problem?”

The old man raised his two fingers: “One is ‘Urgent’ and the other is ‘Relax’.”

He turned around calmly and looked at the Minister of Finance and the old General Hughes: “In my opinion, both of them are justified. There is no right or wrong in this matter itself, one is an ‘urgent’ and other is not so ‘urgent’. “

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  1. Push me into A pit(or THE pit, since the situation around Du Wei is already described)
    After saying that, he pauseD for a while and then said WITH A low voice
    doing well in THE Northwest
    still on THE correct road
    Well, then Prime Minister please tell US what

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